Published On: Fri, Sep 9th, 2016

Here’s Why You’re Struggling To Get Excited For The US Presidential Election


The US presidential election is one of the biggest events in world politics. However, with less than two months to go until the big event, the general feeling is more than a little flat. It might feel a little strange, but it should not come as a surprise.

In truth, there are plenty of reasons for the widespread apathy. The personal feeling that your individual vote won’t have much of an impact is an issue that surrounds every election. For the 2016 election, though, that particular problem is cast to the peripherals.

This time, apathy emanates from multiple sources. Here are the key factors contributing to the flatness.

US Presidential Election Candidates

Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton: It’s like choosing between two people to steal your lover. We all have our faults in life, but are these truly the best candidates that this fine nation could produce?

Of course, this isn’t a high school presidential popularity contest. The debate between Republican and Democratic is far bigger than the two people at the top. Nevertheless, it’s hard to get behind either candidate. Whether it’s Trump’s controversial comments on religion and culture or Clinton’s gaffes doesn’t matter. Finding support for either party is a bigger challenge than ever.

While Obama certainly had his haters, there was a general feeling of optimism when he stepped into office. Regardless of what happens on November November 8, pessimism will rule.



Bigger Problems

Whatever way you look at it, the world is in a worrying situation right now. In all honesty, neither the Republican or Democratic party will be able to solve those problems overnight.

With so many issues to think about, most people are more concerned with other political issues. David Icke and other respected commentators have discussed the war on cash as a cause for concern. Large sections of the population are too focused on their immediate futures to worry too much about these long-term promises. It’s a sad situation, but needs must.

Politics has a huge influence on our lives. However, individuals need to sculpt their own futures too. Right now, those feelings are more palpable than ever.

Information Overload

In previous generations, a voter could track the policies and aims of both parties. In 2016, it’s virtually impossible to keep up. Various news organizations report varying stories while outside sources all have something to say too. It’s a minefield of information out there, and it can lead to feelings of alienation.

Worse still, the debates on social media add further frustration. We all have friends on both sides of the argument that fill our timelines with ‘facts’, and it’s hard to know what to believe. Then if you do share an opinion, you’re almost certain to get attacked by someone with conflicting views. Productive debates and conversations are healthy. But in the internet generation, it’s just an argument about who can shout louder.

The election is far too important for us to ignore it. However, these issues do encourage the average person to think they’re better off not knowing. Let’s just hope that, after all is said and done, we can start work on a brighter future.

We need it more than ever.