Published On: Thu, May 5th, 2016

North Korea Readies for Party Congress

North Korea readies to kick off its important party gathering for nearly 40 year. Leader Kim Jong-Un is expected to deliver a keynote address at the opening of Friday’s party congress. Which will be minutely scrutinized for suggestions of a significant policy shift or personnel changes in the nuclear-armed nation’s governing elite.

North Korea Readies for Party Congress (1)

The 33 year old Kim was not even born when last congress was held in 1980 to crown his father, Kim Jong-II. North Korea Readies to take new depth in party. Its main objective is widely seen as cementing Kim Jong-Un’s status as supreme leader and legitimate inheritor of the Kim family’s dynastic rule.

The congress is expected to confirm as party doctrine Kim’s ‘’byungjin’’ policy of pursuing nuclear weapon. Ahead of congress, national and workers Party flags lined the broad, rainswept streets of Pyongyang. While banners carried slogans such as ‘’Great Comrades Kim II-sung and Kim Jong-II will always be us.

Kim took power after the death of his father in late 2011, North Korea has two nuclear teast and two successful apace rocket launches that were widely seen as disguised ballistic missile. Even as the international community response with condemnation and sanctions.

The most recent satellite picture of the North’s main nuclear test site at Punggye-ri, the US-Korea Institute at Johns Hopkins University on Thursday said, there was no clear evidence one way or the other, of whether an underground detonation was imminent.

North Korea Readies for Party Congress

South Korea

South Korean government believes that North is ready to conduct a test as soon as the order is given. A decision might have been taken to test during the congress, which world’s media have been invited to Pyongyang to cover.

Officials in Soul said, they expect the congress to last four days, with the opening day devoted to Kim’s speech and a lengthy report on the party’s achievement.

People across the country, including women and children were ordered to demonstrate their loyalty through increased forced labor to produce more goods and crops in order to cover the costs of the congress, Robertson said.