Published On: Thu, Apr 28th, 2016

India on intellectual Property, Shame List

The Obama administration list India as the worst country for preventing the theft of intellectual property along with other countries. List released by Us Trade Representative’s Office, carries no threat of sanctions, but aim to shame government into cracking down on piracy and counterfeiting and updating their laws.

India on intellectual Property, Shame List

Intellectual property

‘’ Intellectual property is a critical source of economic growth and highly- quality jobs for United States, and it is important to prevent foreign governments and competitors from ripping off US innovators who are trying to support high-paying jobs by exporting their goods and services to consumer around the world,’’ US trade Representative (USTR) Michael Froman said.

The trade agency added a value that US intellectual property was approximately USD 5 Trillion in 2010. Which contribute 34 percent to US domestic gross product supporting 40 million jobs in IP-Intensive industries in that year.

China has taken some intellectual property law reforms, but the highest level of security was still warranted by US due to trade secret theft, counterfeiting of online and physical gods, as well as newer requirements the condition of market which access of use intellectual property IP developed or transferred to china.

India’s Intellectual property

‘’India stays on highest priority watch list due to lack of measurable improvement in intellectual property legal framework. Despite stepped up enforcement efforts’’, USTR said.

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Pakistan was upgraded to regular watch list after specialized intellectual property court, which established a timeline for improving its legal framework and improved border security.

Switzerland was added to its regular watch list by administration because it has become an increasingly popular host country for copyright, infringing websites, belying its generally strong record on IP issue, USTR said.

According to the USTR, agency has 11 countries is on the ‘’Priority Watch List’’, India is under this category, and 23 other countries on the ‘’Watch list’’ that highlights other IP problems.