Published On: Wed, Apr 27th, 2016

Hope, Disappointment as South Africa Marks Freedom Day

South Africa marks freedom day on 27 April 1994, curbed its initial independent selection where all residents, regardless of race could devoted freely.

Hope, Disappointment as South Africa Marks Freedom Day (1)

Nelson Mandela was voted into work with 62 percent of devoted as the seat of the brain of Africian Congress Party (ANC) still holds the governing faction in South Africa.

President Jacob Zuma

Jacob Zuma has come below combustion more than endure few months following charges of putrefaction and individual domicle in Nkandla. Many South African are disappointed with the aim the region is title and numerous struggles that have become a section of diurnal life.

South African rand is at the lowest barter standard versus the dollar in more than ten years. They are moreover concerned approximately ascent unemployment and look a union between the president action and investing invest in the economy.

Country mark a disappointment and hope when Africa mark freedom day

Lucas Khuzwayo,  ‘’ if you can see at the current statistics, I have never visible our publicity doing so badly. The dollar wards the Rand is so unfavorable, the Rand is so bad the president must pace down. We must see for another for another paroxysm president.

More than two decades, the ANC is still the ruling party in South Africa. ‘’ we have not attained economic freedom yet we have attained political freedom,’’ said Bongamusi Shangase from Durban, ‘’But things are still the same, people are still poor, people are still suffering, people still live in shacks, yet the president of the country lives in a 246 million rand house.

Hope, Disappointment as South Africa Marks Freedom Day

Ongoing campaign will be noted until Zuma step down, we can’t wait for n exit plan to start only in September, we have to force Zuma to step down now, the move movement said.

South Africa marks freedom day with different situation in country. ‘’ People are angry and people feel that president has treated them with contempt and also, the hunger, the unemployment and poor education feels like it is getting worse every day. Mark Heywood.