Published On: Fri, May 6th, 2016

Foreign Media Kept Out So Far; North Korea Congress

Foreign media kept out so far though mare than 100 foreign journalists were not immediately allowed inside the April 25 house of Culture, draped in red party banners and flags. North Korea who have sort out its first full congress of its ruling party since 1980.

Foreign Media Kept Out So Far; North Korea Congress

The congress promises to e the country’s biggest political show in years. Many North Koreans gathered at Kim II Sung Square to lay flowers, the capital has been spruced up. Foreign media kept out in every events which held to be inside the parliamentary bases.

Kim Jong Un, national founder Kim II Sung’s grandson, appears to be set to take center stage Friday. Though North Korea has announced little more the start date, Country has allowed in droves of foreign media to make sure it gets a global audience.

The government

The government clearly intends to be a showcase of national unity and stability under Kim leadership. The increased in criticism and tough new sanction it is facing over its nuclear and missile programs. To show good faces in camera Pyongyang, have been painting walls, fixing roads and rehearsing of mass rallies.

Foreign Media Kept Out So Far; North Korea Congress (1)

‘’ After the 6th congress where we held Kim Jung II as leader, now we are greeting the new era of Marshal Kim Jong Un’’ said Choe Un Su. ‘’We should make the American soldiers get out of South Korea and under leadership of our marshal we can open up the path of reunification’’.

Choe Jin A

‘’ We are proud of our strong Korean nation ‘’Said Choe Jin A,’’ so we want everyone to know that we happy, and have launched satellites and have nuclear weapons, sp we have nothing to worry about’’.

The country is facing a toughest UN sanctions in 20 years. Imposed after its fourth nuclear test, in January and rocket launch that followed soon later, there is also speculation that Kim Yong Nam, an 88 year old member of the party’s powerful five man politburo Presidium may be dismissed because of his age.