Published On: Thu, May 5th, 2016

Canada City Wildfire Engulf, 88,000 People Flee

Canada City Wildfire Engulf  which lead to flee 88,000 people the western oil city of Fort McMurray and burned down 1,600 structure is now threatening its airport and communities well south of the town, authorities said on Wednesday.

Canada City Wildfire Engulf, 88,000 People Flee

Neighborhood are already in ruins situation, wildfire worsen on Wednesday pushes flames of walls towards thousand of more homes in northeastern Alberta town which is the heart of Canada’s iol stand region. Winds pushed flames towards local airport.

Canada City Wildfire Engulf

Wednesday evening smoke engulfing the airport authority, official confirmed that a hotel north of main terminal had caught a fire. Flame fanned south, officials also issued mandatory evacuation orders for the Anzac, Gregoire Lake Estates and Fort McMurray First Nation communities located about 50 km south of Fort McMurray.

Officials on the scene were forced to evacuate their make-shift emergency operations center for the second time in the span of less than a day. Flame spread south officials at center that they were relocating to the town of Lac La Biche 250 km south of Anzac.

Canada City Wildfire Engulf, 88,000 People Flee (1)

Huge cloud of black smoke was visible from well over 60 km away from the town. Traffic on the main road headed south had thinned to trickle but major jams was on Tuesday when evacuation order was given. Canada City Wildfire Engulf which lead to 88,000 people to flee and wildlife security was enable to control the consequences.


Twitter filled with offers of free food, housing and animal care as worried evacuees asked officials and stranger alike about the status of their homes. The conflaguration drew immediate comparisons to one that hit Slave Lake, Alberta in 2011, forcing 7,000 to evacuate and destroying more than 300 buildings.

Wildfires were also raging in neighboring British Columbia on Wednesday, including a massive 9,000 hectare blaze in the province’s northeast that was threatening to spread across the border to Alberta, B.C Wildfire Services said.

Damage was more than C4700 million, Slave lake one of the most expensive insured disaster in the country’s history.