Published On: Wed, Aug 30th, 2017

Brussels Negotiations: 3 Things Theresa May Wants From The Deal

Brussels Negotiations: 3 Things Theresa May Wants From The Deal

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The British Prime Minister Theresa May said she would remain robust and “hard-work” during Brexit negotiations currently going down in Brussels. However, during the last few weeks, the Prime Minister has softened her approach to the deal-making process. The UK is one of the strongest economies in the world when the situation is stable, but uncertainties will result in a lack of confidence.

With that in mind, Theresa May needs to act fast to ensure Brexit doesn’t have an adverse, long-lasting effect on the country. Below are some of the areas in which the Prime Minister will focus her negotiations.


Immigration control

Most of the people living in the UK who voted for Brexit want to see tighter immigration checks at the borders in Britain. That is something Donald Trump supports, and Theresa May will have to achieve from the talks if she wants to get a decent response from her people. At the moment, the EU determines most of the rules regarding how many migrants and asylum seekers a member state must accept. With some shrewd negotiation, it is hoped the Prime Minister will return those powers to the UK Parliament. Issues that might get in the way of that include:

  • Ongoing wars in the Middle East
  • A lack of empathy from other European nations


Free trade deals

Lots of experts worried that Brexit could spell the end of the European Union. However, insiders like Antonio Osorio, CEO of Lloyd’s Bank says that is never going to happen if the Prime Minister negotiates free trade deals. It is hoped that most other EU countries will feel the same way about the arrangement. That is because many European economies rely on imports and exports to and from the British Isles at the moment. However, failure to reach a suitable arrangement could destroy some of the smaller countries in the Union. That is why Theresa May is working hard to leave no stone unturned.


Human rights issues

Members of the European Union agree to abide by rules and laws set out by the European Court of Human Rights. The British government wants to leave that establishment and set up something similar at home in the UK. There are many concerns regarding that deal as plenty of British people could suffer in the meantime. Still, not having to deal with the European authority is excellent news for UK businesses. There is a good chance those companies could boost their profits if they don’t have to follow all the regulations set out by Brussels.


If Theresa May gets her job right during the next couple of years, Britain could once again become a strong and independent country. However, many critics claim the Prime Minister doesn’t have what it takes to get the best deals for Britain. With that in mind, many experts look forward to seeing her replacement and how they will navigate the process. Insiders claim Theresa May will step down within the next twelve months, but it’s impossible to tell who will take her place. So, the British people can only live in hope.