Published On: Sat, May 7th, 2016

Brazil’s Rousseff Vows to Fight against Senate Impeachment Trial

Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff vows to fight against senate Impeachment trial, after a special commission recommended trail to be against her. The special commission voted 15-5 to approve a report on Friday that concluded there was enough evidence to proceed with trial against Rousseff.

Brazil’s Rousseff Vows to Fight against Senate Impeachment Trial (1)

Friday, Rousseff promised renewed her removal, her chance of staying in office are dimming. He departure would come soon when a majority of Brazilians are against her because of an economic recession and a massive corruption scandal.


The senate is expected to vote to put her on trial on Wednesday, which would immediately suspend Rousseff for the duration of a trial that could last for six months. The upper house committee voted 15-5 to accept the charges against Rousseff which involve budget irregularities those critics.

She also ran for reelection in 2014 and her opponents are certain to muster the simple majority needed to begin a trial. Senate impeachment trial would be implement to Rousseff according to law of the country.


‘’I will resist until the last day’’ against senate impeachment trial at event where she announced the delivery of low cost housing, and she would resign because she committed no crime and called her looming ouster a ‘’coup d’état’’.

Brazil’s Rousseff Vows to Fight against Senate Impeachment Trial

Rousseff is not directly accused of corruption, Brazil’s to prosecutor has asked for her to be investigated for obstructing justice in the kickback scandal. Engulfed state run oil company Tetroleo Brasileiro SA (PETR4.SA) and fueled Brazil’s political crisis.

Rousseff’s supporters on the senate committee have called for annulment of the impeachment proceedings because the man who launched them last year. Lower house speaker Eduardo Cunha, was himself removed from office on Thursday by the Supreme Court.

The top court has so far dismissed all government requests to halt the impeachment proceedings.

Workers party Senator, Lindbergh Farias said, the outer of Rousseff was aimed at undoing Lula’s work to help the poor, and at rolling back workers benefits, privatizing state companies and aligning Brazil’s foreign policy closer to US.