Published On: Mon, Apr 15th, 2019

Take a Road Trip to Yellowstone Park Before It’s Too Late

Looking for the a road trip with a difference? Take a trip on your motorbike to Yellowstone Park where you can experience an incredible variety in landscape from snow-covered hills to lush green forests. Beneath the surface though lies a dormant supervolcano. Last month, incredible footage from satellites has discovered a recently developed hotspot that is the size of four soccer pitches. It is proof of how fragile and delicate the ecosystem is in the park and why it is so important to conserve the area for the rare plants and wildlife species in the park. Yellowstone is changing and it’s not going to be there forever. Planning the ultimate road trip to Yellowstone Park is a once in a lifetime experience, so don’t wait until it’s too late. 

Hiring a bike 

If you don’t already own a motorcycle, you can always hire one just for your Yellowstone Park road trip. Locally, there are a number of rental places that also offer tours. This has the added advantage of being with a guide that has complete knowledge of the area and the best routes to take. Many companies also offer the option to be able to purchase your motorbike if you don’t want to part with your two-wheeled companion. Jackson Hole Adventure Motorcycle Rentals, Rocky Mountain Backroads Adventure, or Bozeman Motorcycle Tours are good options. Yellowstone is a popular place – make sure that you organize your all-terrain motorbike well in advance of your trip.

Riding in Yellowstone

There is a speed limit through Yellowstone that should be strictly observed of 45 mph. This is set for the safety of the cyclists, hikers and other motorbike riders touring the area. It is also there to protect the wildlife of the park, which includes bears. The weather in Yellowstone is extremely changeable – you should make sure you pack for all eventualities, as it may be sunny, but ten minutes later you may get a heavy rain storm. There are 12 campgrounds within Yellowstone, however, there is nothing to stop you from pitching your tent anywhere in the park. Just be wary of the wildlife if you do, and don’t leave food or trash behind.

Riding the Tern Lake Trail

If you want to understand more about the geothermal springs and the newly discovered hotspot in Yellowstone Park, then take a ride out to Tern Lake – a huge, shallow lake located in an area of meadows. The Tern Lake trail is 28.5 mile ride that has a thermal area directly below it. Here you can see hot springs and geysers actively bubbling and emitting steam, heated from the volcanic activity beneath the surface of Yellowstone. While you’re in the area, make sure you take your trash with you. Last year one of the geysers exploded, after being clogged by seventy years of rubbish. The items that were found once the geyser had erupted include tin cans, over a hundred coins, plastic pieces, shattered glass and a large block of concrete.  

Yellowstone Park is an incredible place, but it is also a fragile area. With the discovery of this massive new hotspot area, it is proof that the landscape is changing. Even more reason to plan your road trip sooner, rather than later.