Published On: Wed, Jul 5th, 2017

The Long Road Ahead – Preparing For A Family Car Journey

A Family Car Journey


Road trips, from the perspective of any parent, is a stressful thing. Along with the noise in the back, the radio turned up a little bit louder than is bearable, and the fact you are trying to navigate roads you’ve never been on while trying to hear what lane the GPS is telling you to get into, it can be incredibly overwhelming. But being safe on the road isn’t just about your skills as the driver, you need to remember to make sure the car is in a suitable condition for the road.

Before Heading Off…

A lot of the biggest safety precautions you can make before leaving the driveway. You should check the windshield wipers are in perfect working order; if you’re on a long journey and your wipers don’t work properly in clearing the view, you could be at risk. It’s important to remember that when it rains your braking distance can be increased by three times as much as when it is dry. As you are heading on a long journey, apart from the fuel being topped up adequately, you need to check the oil and water. If there isn’t enough oil in the car, friction is increased in the engine, so it’s advisable to check the levels and to have the oil changed if it hasn’t been done in a while. There are Jiffy Lube oil change prices found here so you can get an idea of how much it costs, but if you’ve got an older car, you need to make sure that everything is lubricated properly for such a long journey. You should also check the tread on the tires is okay as well as there being enough air. If not, and you can see bald spots or the tires are looking a little deflated, it’s best to get to a mechanic beforehand or risk not traveling at all!

Knowing What To Pack…

Driving safely with a pile of suitcases in the back is very difficult, and it’s not just the fact that it can severely disrupt your rear view. But it’s impossible to predict other drivers habits on the road, and if someone decides to overtake you quickly while you plan on moving into the same lane, your reaction time will be impaired. If you have a smaller car, you have to pack light because a smaller engine is more affected by the weight of the car and can have issues speeding up or slowing down, making overtaking very difficult and your stopping distance will increase too.

Being Aware On The Road…

When you’re doing a cross-country journey, your likelihood of an accident increases the longer you’ve been traveling, and when you don’t know the roads, that can be a big factor in how you drive. It might sound obvious, but obey the limits and keep your eye out for potential hazards. A lot of road signs can be obstructed by shrubbery, so remain vigilant and keep your eyes peeled. Driving with your family can be stressful on roads you know, so take it easy and understand what your car can and cannot do.