Published On: Wed, Dec 6th, 2017

Dealing With Slips and Trips this Winter

Dealing With Slips and Trips this Winter

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But walking in a winter wonderland can quickly see you take a nasty fall. Here’s everything that you need to do to prevent winter slips and trips and how to best deal with them should they occur.


Deal With Any Injury

It’s never nice taking a fall. At the best, you’re left relatively unharmed but with blushing cheeks and sense of embarrassment as you brush yourself off and carry on about your day. At worst, you could experience some serious injury; the worst of which generally entail hip or head injuries. These are more common than you’d imagine. It’s estimated that one in every five falls results in broken bones or a significant head injury and over 2.8 million elderly people are hospitalised from falls on an annual basis alone. The best thing to do after taking a fall is to take a moment to examine how you feel.

If you are feeling in pain, or are in discomfort walking or moving, visit a walk in centre or accident and emergency immediately. A doctor will then be able to examine your case, survey your injuries and determine the best possible course of action, including how you should best take care of yourself once leaving the medical facility.


Determine the Cause of the Accident

Once you’ve dealt with the immediate problem of injury or pain, you can start to evaluate what’s actually happened. Determine the cause of your accident. This will help you to work out whether it can be avoided in the future and whether the accident was your own fault, somebody else’s, or caused by something unforeseeable. If you believe that the accident was caused by another person or their negligence (for example, if you fell on a wet floor in a store), you can take action.

Not only will these see you receive compensation (you may have to miss time from work or experience significant trauma as a result of the incident), but it will ensure that the person who is in the wrong is more careful in the future and the same thing is less likely to happen to someone else. Contact professionals such as Peterson Law Offices for a consultation. They will best know how to continue with your case. If the fall was a result of poor weather conditions outside, remember to take a little more care next time you’re out and about. That’s not to say that this was your own fault. But certain precautions can be taken to lower the risk of future trips. Consider wearing walking boots with stronger grip and better support for your feet and ankles. Avoid icy surfaces where possible and be cautious when walking through fallen leaves, as you can never see what lies beneath them.

Dealing With Slips and Trips in Winter

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Rest Up

Once you’ve completed the above steps, take a moment to relax and recuperate. You need time to recover properly. So, rest up nice and cosy in front of the television with a hot drink within arms reach.

These are the main steps that you need to follow to best deal with any slips and trips this winter. Remember to be safe!