Published On: Mon, Jul 27th, 2015

10 Places On Earth That Look Like Alien Planets

We landed on moon and Mars but it is still unknown if there is any life outside the earth or not. However you can see millions of videos and photos on internet that claim the sightings of UFO or aliens. If you have never experienced such things in real than we  have a collection of places that completely look like alien places. The sceneries and the landscapes of the below mentioned places will make you believe that our mother nature has got lots of things that we need to experience.

10 Places On Earth That Look Like Alien Planets

Socotra, Yemen

1.       Socotra, Yemen: Currently this place is suffering from serious political strife. This place is famous for its extreme high temperature and dryness. The thing that makes this place alien look like is unusual plant species which is found only here.

Rio Tinto, Spain

2.        Rio Tinto, Spain: Given picture is not modified or photo shopped. It is the original picture. The reason behind the color of the river is high iron which is dissolved in water and because of this it is extremely acidic.

Devon Island, Canada

3.       Devon Island, Canada: This place is so desolated that it is used for testing out rover technology. This place is also a home for crater which is surprisingly 12 mile long.

Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii

4.       Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii: This is slightly different from other volcanoes around the world. It is the largest single volcanic complex on earth.

Mauna Kea & Haleakala, Hawaii

5.       Mauna Kea & Haleakala, Hawaii: Hawaii is famous for its beaches, islands and waterfalls but there is a harsh but beautiful side of this place. This place is also used by NASA to text their rover technology.

Etosha Pan, Namibia

6.       Etosha Pan, Namibia: Saturn’s moon Titan has largest hydrocarbon lake which is called Ontario Lacus. On earth we have something like atmosphere. This lake completely behaves like Ontario Lacus.

Deep Sea Hydrothermal Vents

7.       Deep Sea Hydrothermal Vents:  Jupiter’s moon Enceladus and Saturn’s moon Europa has liquid oceans under their icy crust. Deep sea hydrothermal vents are the completely copy of it.

Teide National Park , Canary Islands

8.       Teide National Park , Canary Islands: You can compare the given picture with any Mars picture and we bet you will not find any difference. This location perfectly describes the red planet.

The Dry Valleys, Antarctica

9.       The Dry Valleys, Antarctica: This place is the perfect example of bone dry. The atmosphere of this place is very harsh. Despite this still space scientists are trying experiments because some of its atmosphere is much similar to Mars.

Lake Vostok, Antarctica

10.   Lake Vostok, Antarctica: Largest subglacial lake of the world. Scientists keep experimenting here to find out the origin of life.

After knowing about the above places we know now you want to go there. Tell us where do you want to go from the above places.