Published On: Thu, May 11th, 2017

10 Best Things to do in Canada

From a wide variety of natural beauty to its cultural diversity, Canada has got everything to offer to its visitors. All of its cities are rich culturally and naturally making it the best place to have a visit.  From the remarkable temperate rainforests on the West Coast to the towering tides in the world at the Bay of Fundy in the East, Canada has got a lot of incredible and unique wonders.

If you are planning a trip to the country, there are a number of Things to do in Canada to make your visit a beautiful memory. It vibrant and wealthy nature is something that will surely awe you.

From The Canadian Rocky Mountains to the iconic Grasslands of the Prairies, there are a lot of things and places that you may explore to enjoy your stay in the world’s second largest country.

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Now have look at the list of some Things to do in Canada and to make the visit a memorable one.

Top Things to do in Canada to enjoy the Visit

  1.      Niagara Falls

It is the most popular tourist attraction in the country that attracts millions of tourists every year. It is only an hour’s drive away from Toronto and is the highest waterfall in the world. The falls can be seen by the people from the edge at their top, indeed from a close distance. It has got a carnival type of atmosphere.

  1.      Quebec Province

If you are in a mood of exploring an entirely different culture then, Quebec Province is the place for you. The place is entirely different from the rest of Canada in terms of its art, food and music. Montreal has got world’s second largest French-speaking population after Paris. It is the only stone walled in North America.

  1.      Banff National Park and the Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains are world’s most interesting mountains that span from British Columbia to Alberta. These include many of Canada’s highest mountain peaks. There are a lot of ski resorts in the mountains. The Banff National Park in the lap of the beautiful Rocky Mountains. It has a wide range of snow clad peaks, glaciers and beautiful turquoise green lakes.

  1.      Toronto City

It is largest city in Canada and one of the most loved tourist place. The city has got to offer a lot of things like delectable cuisines, astounding art, amazing fashion and lots and lots of entertainment. The iconic Toronto’s CN Tower is also located in the city, situated on the shores of Lake Ontario.

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  1.      Whistler

It is a very famous village and ski resort only two hour’s drive away from Vancouver. It is a beautiful winter sports place and with the passing time, it is also much loved for golf and mountain biking in the summer season. It is indeed a lively town with a pleasant atmosphere throughout the year.

  1.      Vancouver

It is called the ‘best place to live in the world’ a lot of times. It is a lively and exciting place in Canada that has got many things to offer to its tourists. It is a west coast city in British Columbia that has a diverse culture, with sophisticated population and delicious food offering restaurants.

  1.      Montreal

It has got a number of old and beautiful historic buildings. It has got to offer great shopping and fine dining to its visitors. The open squares and the cobbled streets are best visited on the horse-drawn carriages. It is a vibrant modern city and the Old Montreal is also an important tourist attraction.

  1.      The Yukon

If you want to enjoy peaks, wildlife and adventure then, the Yukon is the best place for you. It is located in the North West corner of Canada. Mount Logan (5,959m), the highest mountain in Canada is also located in here and is full of scenic beauty. This is the best place for sports enthusiasts also who can enjoy lakes and rivers paddling, in canoes and kayaks, ski, try ice climbing and many more such adventure sports.

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  1.      Nova Scotia and Halifax

New Scotland or Nova Scotia is very different to the Scotland. It has got pleasant climate, marine heritage and delicious seafood. It has Halifax as its capital that is famous for the rescue of the survivors of Titanic over a century ago.

  1.  Ottawa

Visiting Canada and not visiting its capital is not just an option.

Ottawa, the capital of Canada has also got many things to offer to you. It is a small and friendly place just like Montreal and Toronto. If you like biking in a peaceful and civilized place then, this is the place for you that is best explored on a bike ride.