Published On: Sat, Jul 4th, 2015

Top 10 Apple Flop Products

Apple is one of the most valuable and popular brand. Its every product are loved by millions of people. Apple products are the symbol of style and status. If I am not wrong you are also one who love apple products. Apple products are almost ignore. Even if you don’t like this product, at some point you will surely love it. Now if you think all Apple products are awesome and successful then you might be wrong. Checkout some flop products of Apple.

  Top 10 Apple Flop Products

  • The Apple III (1980-1981)
    The first Apple computer was super flop. It is totally a buggy machine full of problems like its motherboard easily got hot, too many crashes etc.
    The Apple III
  • The Apple Lisa (1983-1985)
    This time company came with a personal computer but it too was flop. It is very hard to use and slow also. At launch time the price of Lisa was $9,995.
    The Apple Lisa
  • The Apple Macintosh Portable (1989-1991)
    Portable things have more chances that they will get easier success. But not in case of Apple Macinstosh Portable. Amazingly this portable machine weighs 16 lbs.
    The Apple Macintosh Portable
  • Apple Newton (1993-1998)
    Very closer to nowadays tablets in terms of design. It has very low battery life and also it was not recognize the handwriting.
    Apple Newton
  • Apple Pippin (1995-1996)
    When you know there are already gaming console giant like Playstation, Nintendo, Sega etc. then you have to launch something more but Apple is failed to do so.
    Apple Pippin
  • 20th Anniversary Mac (1996-1997)
    As names clears this product was launched on 20th anniversary of Apple company. It was limited edition and cost almost $8000.
    20th Anniversary Mac
  • Apple eMate (1997-1998)
    This could be a successful product. But Apple decided to limit this machine only for educational purpose which make this product unknown to the world.
    Apple eMate
  • The “Hockey Puck” Mouse (1998-2000)
    Yes this weird shaped thing is a mouse. And obviously by seeing the picture you can easily speculate why this product was flop.
    The “Hockey Puck” Mouse
  • The U2 iPod (2004-2004)
    This invention was the result of partnership between Apple and famous band U2. It wasn’t a hit because of its high price.
    The U2 iPod
  • The Power Mac G4 Cube (2000-2001)
    It has innovative design but it was too expensive. Moreover you have to buy it separately from monitor.
    The Power Mac G4 Cube

So these are the top 10 Apple flop products. This clears us that no one get easily get success. To reach on top you have to face many failures.