Published On: Wed, Jan 25th, 2017

Serve And Protect: Military Technology Keeping Us Safe Today

Our military spends millions of dollars every single year on advanced technologies to keep us safe. Some of them are small and unnoticeable; others are in your face. Regardless of their function, all those items help to deter the enemy and ensure we can sleep soundly at night. Today, we wanted to take a quick look at some of the most significant advancements in the armed forces right now. We hope that learning about Military Technology will help readers to understand how much effort is made to protect our country.

Serve And Protect: Military Technology Keeping Us Safe Today


Nuclear submarines

Submarines have protected the waters around our country for many years. They are also used overseas to monitor terrorists and provide a first armed response. However, the advancement of using nuclear energy to power them has made a huge impact. These days, those vessels can stay submerged almost indefinitely. Their nuclear engines can run for many years at a time. The electric thrusters use to move them around the world are also more durable than ever before. Those machines cost hundreds of millions of dollars, but they are essential in our defense strategy. While most people don’t get to hear about the work they perform, there is no doubt they’ve saved us many times.

Unmanned drones

Unmanned drones first became public knowledge when we invaded Iraq and Afghanistan. Up until that point, they were mostly secret. Our military uses them to spy on enemy sites and even deliver weapons. They are an important advancement because they keep our troops a long way from the action. Indeed, people can fly those drones over the Middle East from a dedicated US Army base in America. That means they are never exposed to too much danger, but our country can still win the fight. Best of all? Most of them are silent until they get very close. So, the enemy rarely sees them coming without advanced radar technology.


Thanks to companies like Boston Dynamics, robotics are used more frequently these days. They are excellent tools for inspecting dangerous landscapes without having to put boots on the ground. Most of them are controlled via a remote. They can take video footage of war-torn areas, search for bombs, and even deploy weapons. Again, they help to keep our country safe without risking the lives of soldiers. As we move forward, robots will become even more prominent in wars around the world. We’ve just got to hope the enemy doesn’t get hold of the tech and reverse-engineer it.

As you can see from that information, technology keeps us protected in many different ways. The armed forces are always on the lookout for inventions that have military applications. Indeed, that is why they buy the rights to hundreds of patents every single year. Will we see more advancements soon? You can bet your bottom dollar. Are things already more advanced than we perceive? Almost certainly. When all’s said and done, Generals in the army will never reveal a military technology until they have something better. So, you can guarantee they have something else up their sleeves.



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