Published On: Thu, Sep 1st, 2016

The Rise of the YouTube Generation

Rise of the YouTube Generation


YouTube is arguably one of the biggest social platforms currently on the internet. It created many celebrities and transformed the way we consume videos. How did a small website turn into a worldwide phenomenon?

It’s hard to imagine a world without YouTube. We are so used to being able to entertain ourselves with hours of free content that it would be difficult to go back. It’s been ten years since YouTube first emerged on the web and with no signs of slowing down, it will likely remain on top for years to come.

Millions of viewers each day tune in to witness the antics of their favourite stars. The days of having to land a movie deal in order to be famous, are long gone. Anyone can be a start, which is part of the reason why video sharing websites are so popular.

Understating YouTube Celebrities

The concept of internet fame is fairly recent. It has only gained momentum in the last decade, redefining what it means to be a celebrity.

With millions of channels creating fresh content every day, it’s now easier than ever before to be entertained. Whilst television networks struggle to remain afloat, YouTubers are growing stronger as time progresses.

An average modern TV show gets around 1-5 million viewers per episode. Compare that to some of the biggest YouTubers who attract millions of views per video, and it becomes clear why YouTube is so popular.

Although it started out as a mere video sharing site, today it’s a multi-billion dollar business. With a lot of important brands invested in the site, a lot of cash is being generated on a daily basis.

Going Viral

The idea of a video going viral is another recent concept. Although we’re so used to it now, it hasn’t been around for that long.

It seems like almost every day there’s a new video getting staggering views, only to disappear the next day. Going viral might seem like a great way of getting attention; however, it’s impossible to predict what viewers will deem worthy.

There is no algorithm to creating a viral video. It’s random, and that’s part of its appeal. Many have tried to cash in on their fifteen minutes of fame, but only a select few were successful.

The Birth of Fandoms

If you’re a fan of YouTube videos, you have probably encountered at least on fandom. What identifies a group as that, is a shared interest in a specific creator.

Whilst some fandoms are known for being die-hard, most are rather calm and reasonable. Many YouTube stars have millions of fans, watching their every move and eagerly anticipating each video.

It’s not an easy task creating a brand, which is what most channels are. You have to attract millions of viewers if you want to be successful. Getting views can be easy, if your content is interesting, but most of the time it’s difficult.

Whilst some people choose to do it naturally, there has been an increase in people buying views to start off. Websites like offer such services, as do many other popular sites like

The YouTube generation appears to be here to stay. It’s been over a decade since YouTube first emerged and no other site has quite reached its success as of yet. Who knows what the future will bring for video sharing services? All we know for sure is that times are changing, so adapting to the ever-growing digital world is crucial.