Published On: Tue, Oct 17th, 2017

This Is The Reason That Customers Don’t Trust Your Ecommerce Site

If you asked me for some advice on your new business and I said, image is everything, you’d probably roll your eyes at me. It’s a boring old cliche that is pretty obvious, but when it comes to ecommerce businesses, it’s worth repeating. Image affects your ecommerce business in a lot of different ways that you might not have considered.



Personally, when I’m looking to buy things online, I usually stick to sites that I know. Sometimes I’ll buy from a new site that I haven’t used before but if I don’t like the look of it, I’m not willing to put my details on there. I base my trust of these sites purely on what they look like, and I’m probably not alone. If a site looks old fashioned and outdated or doesn’t work properly, it gives me a certain perception of it. When I am not confident that their IT department can make a decent modern looking website, that raises a lot of questions about their ability to deal with other areas.


Cybersecurity is an incredibly big concern at the moment because any business is at risk of having customer information stolen. If a company doesn’t have an IT department that is adept at cybersecurity then I don’t want them to have my details. The image that they present is the only yardstick I have to measure their skills with. That’s why image is so important for an ecommerce business and this is how you can make sure that yours is good enough.

Use Plugins

Plugins are one of the simplest ways to take your site from amateur to professional looking. It’s easy for most people to set up a basic website but if you want to use plugins, you need a bit more skill. Plugins offer the site more functionality as well as making it look more professional which will instill a bit more confidence in your customers. Jake Rheude writes a great article on the best plugins for ecommerce stores. Some of the most useful ones are the payment platforms like Shopify or Magento. These are fairly well known and trusted sources so if customers see that their money is going through these channels, they’re more likely to buy from you.




Your product photos are another important way to present your company image. Customers might not realize it but the way that your photos look massively affects their perception of you. If the photos look unprofessional, your ecommerce site will seem more like somebody selling a few bits on eBay rather than a fully fledged business that you can trust with your money. Make sure that you’re using a nice white background and focussing everything properly. Take a few photos and use more interesting angles. As a general rule, have a proper photographer take the photos, never do it yourselves. The context of your photo is also important; frame it with other items that, though they aren’t included, help to build the image that you want people to have of your product.


Don’t discount the importance of image in ecommerce because it’s an old cliche, it can really harm your sales.