Published On: Wed, Sep 20th, 2017

Keeping Your Belongings Safe


In the modern world, we are surrounded by mobile phones, laptops, and tablets – amongst other gadgets and personal belongings. Not to mention our car and our home which need constant protection from thieves. Unfortunately, as technology grows, crime seems to increase with it. And we must learn now more than ever how to effectively look after our belongings.


Security Cameras

If you are lucky enough to own your home, then installing security cameras around the perimeter of your property should be a priority. Having a simple setup of 2-3 cameras can make all the difference if you ever find yourself in the position where someone has attempted to break in or has broken into your home. Even the most basic camera is better than nothing- it will provide evidence for the police, and they can investigate the matter further for you.



Insurance is like a protective blanket which you lay over any of your possessions to prevent from anything bad happening. Taking out home insurance allows you to add possessions to your policy in case of theft, car insurance such as lets you find the right plan for your lifestyle and save money by installing a black box in your vehicle, and you can even add insurance onto your mobile device in case of theft or breakage. All of these things can give you that piece of mind that if anything bad does happen, you won’t have to fork out the cash.


RFID Blocking Wallets

Every credit and debit card contains a RFID chip, and this is what is used to scan your card and take money when you pay for a product. However, using contactless technology, thieves are using their own scanners to steal money from you without you even realizing. Buying a RFID blocking wallet is an extra barrier which blocks any signal from reaching your card. They are inexpensive and could save you a tonne.


Don’t Leave Anything On Show

It is common sense that if you display everything you own, a criminal is more likely to target you for it. This doesn’t only apply to when you are out and about, but also when you are in the comfort of your own home. When you leave the house, always make sure to hide any expensive electricals out of sight to reduce the possibility of being robbed. If someone knows you have a lot of expensive items in your home, they will be much more likely to steal from you.


Backup Your Files

It’s not only physical items we should protect, but it’s also our personal files and pictures. Invest in a hard drive like these ones: external hard drive to keep your important files safe and secure. And if anything ever goes wrong with your device, you still have what matters most.


Be Clever With Your Passwords

Using your date of birth, pet’s name, or your anniversary as a password is not a smart way to protect your accounts. A simple search on Facebook by hackers can find out all of this information and use it to crack your password. Try a password generator to make a more secure a random code for your accounts.