Published On: Sat, Aug 4th, 2018

How To Plan An Instagram Photo Contest?

With well over 800 million users around the world, Instagram is certainly a great place to find the right audience for your brand and business. Once you have access to those prospective buyers, you can then use other marketing strategies to turn them into buyers. You can try different ways to attract customers to Instagram, but one highly impressive and productive idea is to use Instagram contests. You can certainly buy Instagram likes and followers to leave an impact on your audience, but Instagram contests would encourage more people to connect with your brand.

instagram photo contest

When you talk about Instagram contests, running a photo contest is probably the best option. Planning is the crucial part when executing an idea or arranging an event. If you can plan everything carefully, you will end up getting good results in the end. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Specify Your Objectives And Goals

The initial step of planning is to identify the main objectives and goals that are needed to be attained with the help of an event. Before executing your plan, you need to jolt down the targets you want to achieve with the help of this photo contest. It could be an opportunity to increase your engagement with your followers, or to attract new followers. You can also utilize this contest for the promotion or marketing of an upcoming product or service.

Here are some key points that are needed to be acknowledged:

  • Specify the purpose that you want to achieve with the help of this contest – it could be the promotion of your brand.
  • Pinpoint your target audience and acknowledge their needs and demands. For instance, if your targeted audience is teens and young adults you must acknowledge their interests and be aware of the latest trends.
  • Set a strategy for the promotion and propagating of your contest. You are needed to propose a strategy to promote your contest to accomplish your goals. You can sponsor your contest or extend a hand for partnership and sponsorship.

Carefully Select Your Giveaways

Giveaways are the great source of attraction for the followers. You should arrange your giveaways with vigilance and care to keep in mind the interests of the targeted audience and your budget.

In the first place allot your budget for the giveaway and then plan your gift by it. Don’t go overboard if you are a small-scale business venture and similarly, don’t act like a miser if your business is a well-established one.

Secondly, you should be cautious of your main objective while deciding the giveaway. The more relevant the giveaway is with your business motto, the higher the chances of you achieving your goals. For instance, you can give discount vouchers, free passes or a basket full of goodies. You can even give away your products or offer your service for free or at slashed rates. You can increase the worth of your prize by giving it a personalized touch like a name engraved pen or a personalized photo album.

The most attractive giveaways often result in a large number of participants and thus fulfil the purpose.

Schedule Your Contest

Once you are done with the process of deciding your giveaway, schedule your giveaway and allocate the contest span. You can schedule it for a week or two and then plan your marketing strategy accordingly.

Shorter the span of your contest, the more effective and quick your marketing strategy should be. Shorter contests are often responded quickly and are easier to retain the interest of the participants.

Contests with longer span do not require quick marketing and can attract people for a longer duration of time. But your marketing strategy should be attractive to retain the interest of the participants.

Once the contest meets its deadline, be swift with your result announcement and giveaway delivery. This will add on to the reliability of your future contests.

Launch Your Contest

Once you are done with the planning process from specifying the objectives to deciding and scheduling giveaway, you are all set to execute your plan and launch your Instagram Photo Contest.