Published On: Fri, Mar 1st, 2019

Finding Your Missing Recipients with the Snovio Email Tracker Extension

In email marketing, you might often wonder why recipients do not reply to your emails. That might be because they are not interested in your offer or simply they haven’t seen the email at all. The workflow would be better when you know for sure if they have seen and opened the messages from you. For this purpose, you need an email tracker tool. For example, you may try Snovio.

What is Snovio Email Tracker?

This is an email tracking tool which you can use to follow the status of the emails you’ve sent. The Snovio Email Tracker Chrome extension can be downloaded for free, and you will have access to all the features of it to check if the recipients have read your email or not. With this tool, you can know not only whether the recipients have opened your email, but also whether they’ve clicked the links you’ve inserted in the emails.

How can you know the status of the emails?

The Snovio Email Tracker will provide the information with the color of the label. The white label indicates the unopened emails. The purple label tells you that your reader has opened the email. Also from the purple label, you can see how many times the email was opened. The next thing is the green label. It tells you how many times the reader has clicked the link inside your email. These labels are handy to track the progress of the email marketing campaign and to find out how well it performs.

Full Gmail integration

The good thing about this tool is that it works well with Gmail as well as G Suite. It doesn’t matter how many email accounts you’ve got, the extension integrates with all of them. Just note that it is not recommended to use a few tracking tools, because otherwise, none of them will work properly.

Snovio Email Tracker benefits

Snovio has become the 1st product of the day and 4th of the week at Product Hunt. Its distinctive advantages are probably the reasons why. Here are the benefits of using it with your Gmail account:

  • Track the opened emails and find out how many times the email was opened. It is a perfect measurement of your email marketing. By knowing that your email was opened, you know that the prospects and clients are interested in the title and content of the email. When they do it multiple times, that means they consider your email to be a resourceful one so that they can go back reading your message to learn more about your business, products, or services.
  • The number of clicked links. Knowing how many times your readers clicked the links in your emails is very important to find out how much traffic you can convert to the website or blog. You can monitor these numbers and use the data for your future development.
  • Scheduled delivery. Snovio Email Tracker also allows you to send the emails any time you desire. You will set the schedule so that your readers will get your content at the right time.
  • Reminder email. Sometimes it happens so that people neither open the email nor click the link or reply to the message. You can set the time and if they perform no action within that time, you will receive a notification email with this information. So, you will be able to send another message to this person.
  • Multiple Gmail accounts. It is possible that your business dispatches different emails for different divisions. The good thing here is that with the same extensions, you can use multiple Gmail accounts.

Track like mad

The tool is free, doesn’t add any signatures, tracks everything that is possible, you can schedule emails sending, provides you with details on every sent email. Then why not give it a try? With it, you will always be aware of how well the emails you send perform. This way, you will have the opportunity to change something in the email to get better results.