Published On: Thu, Jan 31st, 2019

Can you use WordPress for your startup company’s website?

Can you use WordPress for your startup company's website?

More upcoming businesses are looking to the internet as the next big forum for marketing and advertising. It is significantly cheaper than other modes of marketing and will attract more clients as well. A big part of creating an online presence for your new brand is setting up a website.

Many start up companies have used WordPress to set up their website. The biggest attraction is the value for money that the platform offers. You will not incur any costs in installing and configuring WordPress, and may only incur minimal hosting fees. For start ups, a free platform for marketing can be very beneficial.

WordPress has more to offer than just reduced advertising costs. Here are a few perks that should help you reconsider setting up a WordPress site for your start up company.

What does WordPress have to offer?

Great customization variety

There is no CMS with as many options as WordPress in terms of design choices. On the platform, you will be able to build your site just how you want to. There are many themes and plugins which can be used to modify the appearance and function of your website, helping customize it to your taste.

Strong security and safety

Since WordPress is an open source project, it encourages developers to come up with new tools and plugins for a range of measures. As attackers modify their malicious software to meet evolving trends in website security, some developers also create new tools to help detect and get rid of these malware. if you set up a great security protcol, you could enjoy a risk-free website on WordPress. Unlike other platforms, WordPress has a large number of developers, which enhances the level of competition. This ensures users have a variety of great quality tools to improve the security of their website with many developers offering these features for free


Can you use WordPress startup company's website?WordPress is the most popular platform on the internet for websites and hosts about one-third of them. These range in their appearance, function, and purpose. You can set up your website on the platform to suit your needs. Whether it is a company blog, an e-commerce page or a company social media, WordPress will comfortably handle your needs.

Ease of installation and use

Aside from being free, WordPress is easy to install and use. The process will take about five minutes and may require just a few clicks. The interface is really easy to understand and use, which makes it ideal for users without prior experience as well. You can learn how to operate it through tutorials, which are readily available online due to the increased popularity of the platform.


What are the risks involved?

Can you use WordPress startup company's website?

Running a successful WordPress site will require more than just setting it up. Since it is the most popular CMS, attackers are always coming up with new malicious software to try and gain administrative access over different websites. Here are a few risks involved with having a WordPress site and the range of measures you may take to address them.

Data loss

The loss of all content on your WordPress site is a legitimate threat on the platform. If you lose all your data and are unable to restore it, user confidence and trust in your website and brand will greatly be affected. You may lose out on potential clients because your brand will appear very suspicious.

Data loss can be brought about by malware attacks, which are discussed below, or a simple upgrade. You should take regular backups of your WordPress site through credible plugins that are dedicated to this purpose. Always keep a remote copy of your most recent credible backup in case of any loss.

Malware attacks

The platform’s popularity has also attracted malicious developers who come up with software designed to aid them in a harmful cause. Attackers will use malware to gain access to your website, from which they may then redirect traffic, steal sensitive information or institute a shutdown.

You need to manage your plugins carefully as this is the most common source of attacks. You should also create regular backups for all your data. You will be better able to protect your brand and client information, which should fortify client trust.

Low SEO ranking

Can you use WordPress startup company's website?

While you could benefit from having an active website, being lowly ranked on search engine results will affect user confidence in your website and brand. They will be less likely to visit or make purchases than they would if you were better ranked.

You can address this by improving on key aspects of your site that will contribute to the search engines’ ranking algorithm. It is important to have relevant content. You should make sure that your posts feature key words and topic points that will direct search engines and web crawlers to your site. You can do this better by indexing your website, or using mapping the contents.

Optimizing your website for speed will also improve your SEO ranking. You could do this by carefully selecting your themes and plugins, with only lightweight and necessary options used. You may also need to optimize your images, embed links to videos instead of posting video content, and using excerpts instead of displaying whole articles. Your website will load quicker and operate better, which will increase user satisfaction and improve your ranking.

Final thought

Even if you do not have a high level of technical skill, there are plugins available to help you overcome any risks. If you set up an operation policy, which includes plugin and theme management, data backup and storage, as well as control frequency of updates, you will face much fewer risks of downtime.

If you do not know which plugins are best suited for these measures, you may consider hiring professional WordPress service providers such as WPFixs. For a budget friendly fee, they could offer you exactly the services you need to keep your WordPress site safe, optimized and well functioning.