Published On: Thu, Mar 2nd, 2017

Are You Appy With Technology?

There is no denying it, the rise of smartphones has seen an increase in the ease of our lives, has removed a lot of stress (ranging from worrying about train times, how much you have in your bank account, getting lost during a walk or road trip) and has sufficiently improved our ability to manage different tasks we have to do. For example, if you are in your work and have forgotten to turn the heating off at home, there are apps which you can download to your smartphone which allow us to turn off or turn down the heating with a swipe of our fingers; if we forgot to wish someone in our family a happy birthday there is an app which you can create well wishing cards with and simply send to someone’s phone; if we forgot to video call our parents who live far away, you can download an app which allows clear video calling. There are thousands of apps out there right now which allow us to streamline our lives more efficiently – yet are we using the right ones for us?

If you are using an older smartphone and it has not got sufficient storage, then you may be tempted to download the apps which are the most popular and seem to allow ease of use. However, all apps take up storage in your phone’s memory so instead of simply downloading the most popular apps, take the time to think about what apps will benefit you and why, and how, you will use them to your benefit. You will know if you do not use the correct apps in a number of circumstances. One being if you damaged your phone and could not use it and did not miss using the apps you had downloaded. That being said, if you do ever damage your phone (regardless of whether you miss using the apps on it or not), it is important that you get it fixed. If you are unsure of how to fix your phone, a good idea could be to take it to a company who know how to do it.

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If you use video calls a lot, then you should make space in your phone to allow video calling apps to be downloaded. Yes, you may have just hit a high score on a game you have downloaded but in the long run, being able to video call your friends and family is much more important that playing a game. Besides, you probably downloaded that game to procrastinate so get rid of it and become more active and efficient!

If you go traveling a lot, or enjoy exploring or hiking, then an app which enables you to access maps or to track your route could be a good idea. This way, you will never get lost and will be able to find your way back home or the car easily.

Ensure you’re using the right apps for you, and that your smartphone is – indeed – making your life easier.