Published On: Mon, Aug 13th, 2018

Apps making the mission possible – Improved experiences

Life is changing as experiences that affect different areas of life are modified and improved with app development. There are over 2 billion smartphone users across the globe according to Statista. Smartphone penetration rate is at its peak. Mobile phones will not be functional without installed applications, and each of these apps will require an app development company. Hence, the industry of the new age is and will remain in constant growth for quite some time.

The apps are changing how people communicate, travel, and live. In some industries, applications are becoming the force driving forward a full-throttled revolution.


The Health Sector

Recently, researchers at the Cambridge University developed an application (colorimetric) that uses the mobile phone camera and a color algorithm to detect urinary tract infections and STIs. This is just a single case of how mobile phone applications are leading the revolution in healthcare.


The current world is full of medical conditions that are lifestyle related. These conditions include high/low blood pressure, high/low blood sugar, chronic diseases and others. The best way to manage such conditions is by closely monitoring them.


Mobile phone applications come in handy when doing this. Through apps, information gathering and the way it is managed is easily disseminated. There is easy logging in data on pain triggers and symptoms. In some cases, applications aid in saving lives by providing guides and instructions.


How is one supposed to save the life of a cardiac arrest victim? Such questions can be answered by some applications. Applications can give accurate and guided answers by simply tapping questions on a screen for which a more exhausting action would have been required, such as visiting a health facility in search of answers.



The digital era has brought several changes on how business is done. Established businesses are adopting technology in order to get every client and dollar. How is retailing changing to improved experiences with app development? With the advent of the internet comes convenience with how people shop and how they pay for goods or services. Basically, this is what retailing is all about. Businesses use apps to sell their merchandise and services. The biggest of such is Amazon.


Marketing a business leads to more purchases and in turn improved profits. Applications are at the center of modern day marketing. Most apps have integrated ads. Businesses that are incorporating applications in their daily applications record a higher Return On Investment (ROI). These improved experiences with app development explain why app adoption is at its highest.



This is what basically comes into the mind of anyone aged between 8 and 15 when asked about mobile phone apps. Some of the most downloaded mobile applications are used for entertainment. If one sector has benefited from app development it is undoubtedly the entertainment field. Mobile phone games are all application software. Similarly, apps are used to stream videos from the internet for movies, music or even TV shows.


Additionally, some applications make it possible to download the videos and play them offline which is highly appreciated by users. Wireless connectivity apps make it easier and cheaper to output the content.


Social and media platforms such as YouTube provides lots of entertainment content which usually goes hand in hand with the use of smart devices and different apps.



The way people communicate is changing with each passing minute. Telecommunication companies are utilizing this gem to amass huge profits through better service delivery. The clients are engaged on a more personal level.

Those that are yet to incorporate them into their investment are missing the lion’s share of the deal.


Smart homes

Imagine a scenario of you hearing a knock on the door, picking up your phone, scanning who is responsible for the knock through your phone. That is possible with CCTV integration, and without disturbing your comfort the door could be answered by just one click of a button.


A huge innovation and time-saving, energy consuming action that smart homes support are the applications for self-cleaning vacuum machines. These apps control the whole process, seamlessly ensuring every part of the house is vacuumed clean.



It is 2018 and this means that navigation is no longer a problem. Mobile applications provide directions and routes to designated destinations. Some nightmares such as traffic jams, accidents, roadblocks, and tickers are evaded.


The best part about apps and travel is calculating the time to your destination, the estimated arrival time, the shortest route and an alternative route in case of delay on the current path taken.


Mobile applications are actively used in booking for travel. Buying a ticket for a journey is now possible from the convenience of your home or office. There are no more queues for booking agencies.


Driverless cars and seamless driving

Fatigue or distracted driving is a major cause of road accidents. Thanks to mobile apps, this can be avoided as one can turn the driver’s seat into a passenger’s seat. Even though this is still in the testing phase, driverless cars are soon to widely adapted. The car is fitted with sensors controlled by an application’s interface to engage self-driving experience. Driverless cars are being built in a way to sophisticate driving experience and simulate a drivers persona.


When driving, concentration and sharp focus is key. Of equal importance is an occasional check on the dashboard to check on the speed, fuel, heating and other components. Contravening right? Applications solve this puzzle by providing a voice command that provides voice feedback on the dashboard status.


Some apps are able to project the whole dashboard on the front windscreen. As a side benefit of this development, electrically powered vehicles are voted as the next big thing in eradicating global warming.


For those owning such cars, finding the nearest charging station can be an uphill task. Applications make it easy to track the car’s current charge and the distance to the next charging station. This is very much applicable to gas stations too.



Many tasks that required a higher commitment and a greater amount of energy to be performed, nowadays are accomplished with ease and are just a tap away. Integrating apps in our everyday lives are raising our daily productivity and creating futuristic and high tech environments.


The same approach makes sense when seen from the perspective of a planet’s wellbeing, such as saving natural resources and reducing air pollution. The future seems promising and we are enjoying bits of it right now, but the real deal is working in building a mentality that will support the good side of this development and avoid the tendency of over-dependence.