Published On: Tue, Mar 12th, 2019

AirPods Update Could Bring the Best of Galaxy Buds to Apple

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Samsung recently released its Galaxy Buds packed with a wireless charging case that can be refilled by placing it on the new Galaxy S10.  Apple is not likely to let Samsung be the only ones using such technology and it is thought that on the expected next launch of products on the 25th March, the AirPods will be upgraded to work in a similar way. It is also expected that there will be upgrades for the iPhones and iPads.

In 2017, Apple said they are working on a charging bed that will be able to charge several devices at the same time. If this is to be released soon, Apple fans will be clamoring to get one. To be called AirPower, it will be able to charge devices without them being rested on it, they will just have to be somewhere close.

This will be a new innovation in digital device technology, and something that will put Apple ahead of their rivals once again. No one is sure whether this launch will include the release of AirPower, or whether it will just include wireless charging for the AirPods.

If you have AirPods and a Mac computer, they can easily be connected to each other.  Where the problems could occur is if you have Bluetooth Headphones.

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Connecting Bluetooth Headphones To A Mac

Bluetooth headphones cannot be taken out of the box and connect to a Mac, some configuration is needed for them to work together. To fix Bluetooth connection with a Mac is different from pairing them with an iPhone or a cars audio system. To get them to connect for the first time is simple, and then they should reconnect each time they are within range.

You start by clicking the Apple menu and launching the System Preferences.  Then click on Turn Bluetooth On. Click connect to establish a connection between your headphones and the Mac and they should show up on your screen as being with the range of the Bluetooth. It is as simple as that, although of course there are other things you can do such as calibrating your Bluetooth headphones to your liking through the Sound menu in System Preferences.

Getting The Most From Your AirPods

Currently, the Apple site on AirPods does not suggest there will be any changes made, but then it is not likely to or that could ruin the launch. It does explain how to care for them, how to charge them and how to get the best from them. There are also sections on replacing parts of AirPods, changing their settings and about their battery life. This is all useful information, but at the moment, most Apple fans are just waiting to see what happens in a couple of week’s time.

They all know that Apple will not want to fall behind their biggest rivals,  but have they left it too late for this expected launch on the 25th March? We will just have to wait and see.