Published On: Fri, Jul 10th, 2015

Top 10 Wealthiest Sports Person

There are numerous sports in the world but only few players get what they deserve in terms of respect and money. So we are sharing top 10 wealthiest sports person of the world and obviously they are related with most famous sports. So before start making a little guess that who will be on top. May be you can’t but you can simply guess that richest sports person is from Golf. No, you are wrong, then who is richest sports person. Check below.

Top 10 Wealthiest Sports Person

  1. Michael Jordon
    Sports: Basketball
    Wealth: $1 billion
    Michael Jordon
  1. Michael Schumacher
    Sports: Formula One
    Wealth: $800 million
    Michael Schumacher
  1. Tiger Woods
    Sports: Golf
    Wealth: $600 million
    Tiger Woods
  1. Magic Johnson
    Sports: Basketball
    Wealth: $500 million
    Magic Johnson
  1. Shaquille O Neal
    Sports: Basketball
    Wealth: $350
    Shaquille O Neal
  1. David Beckham
    Sports: Football
    Wealth: $350 million
    David Beckham
  1. LeBron James
    Sports: Basketball
    Wealth: $325 million
    LeBron James
  1. Alex Rodriguez
    Sports: Baseball
    Wealth: $300 million
    Alex Rodriguez
  1. Roger Federer
    Sports: Tennis
    Wealth: $300 million
    Roger Federer
  1. Greg Norman
    Sports: Golf
    Wealth: $300 million
    Greg Norman

We know most of you shocked because there is no player like Messi and Ronaldo from Football which is most famous sports in the sports world. Don’t get disappoint yes they are rich but unfortunately they are not in top 10 list except David Beckham.