Published On: Wed, Apr 27th, 2016

ICC Suspended Cricket Association Nepal (CAN)

The ICC suspended Cricket Association Nepal for government interference in cricket board, decision was taken during board meeting on Tuesday.

December, Nepal’s National Sports Council (NSC) formed a ad-hoc committee to run the CAN. When Chatur Bahadur Chand was elected the CAN’s president in controversial annual general meeting this happened.

International Cricket Council

‘’In light of ongoing court case which is still pending in court and involvement of Cricket Association of Nepal and the ad-hoc committee established by Nepalese National Sports Council (NSC) which lead to vacuum cricket leadership in Nepal’’.

ICC Suspended Cricket Association Nepal (CAN)

‘’The board suspended the membership of CAN for breach of Article 2.9 of the ICC Articles of Association which prohibits government interference and requires free and fair elections’’, ICC statement.

The governing body of world cricket said the membership of CAN will remain suspended until it becomes free of government interference and is properly structured to begin exploiting the tremendous cricket talent and opportunities that exist in Nepal.

Cricket Association Nepal will remain suspended, ‘’ suspension means CAN will not be entitled to receive and ICC funding, it is absolute discard for CAN player if they suffer due to this suspension. Good news is that ICC has decided that Nepal cricket team would be able to continue and feature in ICC events, it said.

Further consideration for CAN

The ICC management will work with the Nepal cricket community and other stakeholders, this step was to initiate the development of Nepal cricket and development of a sustainable governance and administration structure for Cricket.

ICC Suspended Cricket Association Nepal (CAN) (1)

Cricket Association of Nepal has been free of government interference and had been exploiting tremendous cricket talent. Which lead to suspension but ICC will continue its work with the Nepalese cricket community.

ICC Chairman, Mr Shanshank Manohar said, ‘’ the sport of cricket is proud of its unique spirit and this involves being gracious in victory as well as defeat and respectful at all times to the game, one oppents, the sponsors and the fans’’.




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