Published On: Fri, Jul 7th, 2017

5 Traits That Define New Contract Man Lionel Messi

There’s not a club in the world who wouldn’t like to have Lionel Messi in their side, but even those with the pockets deep enough to afford him no longer have a chance, at least for right now. The Barcelona star, the world’s greatest football player, has signed a new contract with the Catalan club, which will see him pulling on the famous shirt until at least 2021.

If for whatever reason Messi does want to go before then, a buying club will have to pay his eye watching buyout clause, which is some 300m Euros. But what makes Messi the greatest? Here are five traits that places him above the rest.

5 Traits That Define New Contract Man Lionel Messi


His Combative Streak

Casual viewers of Lionel Messi might see him as a relaxed footballer, who lets his feet do all the talking, and who doesn’t have any aggressive qualities. This, however, is not true. Lionel Messi is super competitive; it’s just that he’s normally so far above everyone else that he doesn’t have to show it. When things are going against him, he’s willing to dig deep and fight for every slight advantage, all the while doing it without play-acting or hurting others.

Injury Success

People tend to talk of Cristiano Ronaldo as the player in prime physical condition, but Messi’s body is also primed for success. As anyone that is studying for a masters of athletic training online qualification will know, Messi’s injury prevention care in the hands of Barcelona has been exemplary. The result has been a decade that has been largely injury free, which has enabled him to stay at the top – with no signs of slowing down, even after turning thirty. And this is a player who does get kicked more than your average player, too.

Football Intelligence

There’s nobody on earth who can match Messi for football intelligence. In every scenario, he makes the right choice. If it’s better for him to pass than dribble, he’ll pass. If he should create an angle before shooting, he’ll create an angle. A lot of players have the footballing ability to be great but lack the decision-making skills that really makes a player stand out on the pitch. Watch him and see for yourself: pause it when he has the ball, say what you think he should do, and then hit unpause. He’ll do it.

Stepping Up

Messi is known to be quiet and isn’t the captain of Barcelona, but even so: he’s a leader. When Barcelona need a player to step up on the pitch, it’s always Messi who provides that spark of magic needed to pull Barcelona back into the game. He never goes missing on a pitch, which is a quality that every player who can be considered the best needs to have.

Good Old Fashioned Talent

And finally, we can’t ignore Messi’s raw talent. He’s exceptionally fast, especially when it comes to acceleration, and has a left foot that can do anything his mind tells it to do. His astonishing talent plus all his other good qualities mean Barcelona are in safe hands while he’s there!