Published On: Thu, Feb 14th, 2019

Social media like Instagram



Instagram has been constantly referred to as the queen of all social media platforms. It’s a free social media app that allows you to share videos, photos, edit with filters, add captions as well as engage with others.Instagram gets better each day. However, people tend to get stuck on Instagram when it comes to followers. You can have so many followers yet get only a few likes. This is disappointing since people get excited when they get many comments, likes and followers on their pages. A massive number of followers can boost your presence on social media or even make you a social media influencer. Achieving such a following is not difficult since there are sites where you can purchase followers, automatic comments for next posts as well as auto likes.

If you are looking for something different from Instagram here are apps that you will find as appealing as Instagram



Just like Instagram, snap chat is a free social media app that allows you to share your posts with the world. Photos and videos on snap chat disappear after a few minutes after being viewed. It has lots of filters that make it good for photo editing.  snapshot also alerts you when somebody takes screenshots of your post. The problem with the snapshot is that it doesn’t allow you to view your message history.


Tumblr, just like Instagram is another free social media platform. It is mainly a microblogging and social networking app. This app lets people log in and post their original content. Using the short content post members can post images, videos, links, and audio files. In Tumblr, it is simple to find users with similar interest creating a mutual understanding. You can also get updated news. Tumbler, however, is a difficult place to promote your business, unlike Instagram.



Although it came before Instagram, Flickr is one of the best alternatives to Instagram. It is owned by Yahoo. You can edit and share your posts easily with this platform. The good news about Flickr is that if you are a relatively shy person who does not fancy sharing your life with the whole world, you can choose to make your photos only visible to those close to you. This platform is perfect for photo fanatics like photographers. Flicker also has limits on storage that free users can use monthly.


Yummy is a social media platform that is greatly inspired by Instagram. It has greatly invested in food.It is a food diary that encourages its users to keep track of their food as well as restaurants that have visited. All the posts about food are organized in a chronological order depending on the time a particular photograph was taken instead of the time for posting it. Yummy also archives all the food uploads that can be accessed later. It creates a journal that helps you to remember all the food and drinks that you have eaten and shared with friends be it home cooked or professionally prepared.

We heart it


This Social networking app is similar to Pinterest which is also a social media app. It is also an alternative to Instagram. This app allows you to connect your account with other social media apps such as twitter and facebook. We heart it allows to heart pictures that you like and that interests you. It will also suggest other topics or people depending on posts that you have hearted to follow. The use of the keyword heart will help you find interesting posts that have inspired you in the past.


Muzy is a social networking site like with more than 20 million users. It allows users to make those customs made collage photographs of their own or downloaded from elsewhere. It also has features that allow editing, cropping and adding those creative and funny captions to your photos. Although there are not many sharing options with muzzy, you can share your photos on Facebook. Muzy has unlimited storage and uploads either to Facebook or to site.



VSCO is a social networking app that allows users to create, discover and connect. This is one of the best photo editing apps. It allows you to adjust skin tone, tint saturate, sharpen and even add contrast to your photos. It also allows you to preview your photographs and share these amazing and beautiful photographs with the world.


This is an app that automatically tags people you take photos with unlike other apps. It is an affiliate of facebook. Your photos can also be shared on Instagram or Facebook. Photos and moments you take are auto-synced into a collection based on when they were taken and dates years back. Again this is an app for photography lovers just like Instagram. It arranges photos into private and synced and gives you the authority to choose what you want to share.


Pinterest is a social networking app that allows you to discover style inspirations, home ideas and recipes. It saves every click you search on and generates related and similar ideas around the world that you had access. It also allows you to save the pictures you like for future reference. You can also view what other people with similar interest as you have pinned.


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This app allows you to share your photos and message within your intimate circle that can include family and close friends. It also allows you to share your photos with other social media platforms such as twitter Instagram or Tumblr. It encourages a smaller friends list of up to 150 people who are closest to you. These people are in a position to impact positively into your life negatively because they know you.

Final word

Whether you are a fan of social media or not, there is a chance that you will find Instagram enticing. However, after some time the adrenaline of discovering Instagram amazing features a will come down. At this point, you will find yourself perusing through other apps that looking for similar features to those of Instagram. This venture may be rewarding or not depending on your personal preferences. Despite your reasons, Instagram social networking is still a rush that is worth investing your time in.