Published On: Thu, Jan 31st, 2019

Is Social Media Marketing Evolving? Few 2019 Trends you should look out for

Four Social Media Marketing Trends To Watch For In 2019

Social media marketing is changing every day. What we did two years ago is no longer relevant. In a world that is forever changing, how can we keep track of the latest social media marketing trends without repeating what we used to do?

Social Media Marketing 2019

I have 5 trends that are going to dominate this year. Those who use social media as part of their marketing campaign need to pay close attention.


1)Social Listening

This might be new for some of you, but you need to pay attention to it. A person trolls the web to find how many times a specific brand is mentioned, tagged or otherwise. The goal is to listen to the level of interest a specific product has online. That helps companies and brands to stay relevant with what they sell. Now, as of lately, only a few brands have been doing that. However, this is just the start of the trend. More companies and brands are set to come on board and join everyone else.

Once more, it is better to hear what others are saying instead of talking. Open up your ears and start listening to what people on social media are saying.


2)Video Content

This trend started a while back but has been gaining momentum. Did you know that at least 80% of what we consume online is related to Soon-to-be video content? A recent study stumbled on this.


Youtube started this trend before anyone else. Now platforms like Twitter and Facebook are using it. You get notified every time someone goes live on media. I also found that Instagram is starting to use it too. Most social media users have one or all of these accounts.


People like watching videos. Most people are not interested in books anymore, unfortunately. That is why it is essential that you start using the video content option. It is going to increase your traffic and generate more interest in what you are offering.


3)What Are Micro Influencers?

It is something that influences other people to look at a brand or product. Youtube has been influencing others for years. Twitter has gained recognition because of Facebook and other media platforms. Instagram has been taking leads from both Twitter and Facebook. Everything that you see your media platform doing has been influenced by something someone else did. That is what they call Micro Influencing. The social media platforms you use for your brand is going to influence what someone else does. It is the technological version of the domino effect. Broad Vision can help you with that.



People want more of a personal touch with their products now. You cannot be removed from what you sell and expect to get anywhere. The more personal you are with your social media platform, the more leads your brand generates. That is going to lead to more people buying your products and following you.


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