Published On: Tue, Sep 18th, 2018

Instagram Trends That Are Only Going to Get Stronger This Year

Instagram is changing by the day and why not. It needs to keep up with the every changing social networking world and so do we. We have seen updates small and big alike, the most important being Instagram stories which has got a huge focus and encourages one to be in the present rather than post bulky feeds. The feeds, in turn, have been overhauled to show the preview of the stories. The usage got a widespread approval and over 300 million people are using the stories feature as of today.

Other than this, Instagram introduced the Archive feature, which allows users to hide posts that they don’t want to see rather than them deleting the post. It can directly affect how your content shows and how many Instagram views you get at the end of the day. This also prompts users to post more, hence increase their activity time on Instagram. Smart, I must say! Let us look at the key trends that we can prominently see in 2018.

Instagram Trends in 2018

Further Focus On Stories

Instagram stories can be used to promote your business, or share your personal experiences. Whatever the content be, it is a great way for people to know what you are up to and what is in it for them. The ‘story highlights’ feature on the profile enables users to share their most popular or relevant stories even beyond the 24-hour limit that is otherwise set for stories.

The Instagram Stories has so far been the most yielding feature on Instagram since its inception in 2010. The number of users shifting from Snapchat to Instagram drastically increased particularly in 2017 with Instagram stories having 250million daily users while snapchat was at 166 million.

This popularity seems to only grow with time and we can expect more of it in 2018 as well. Instagram will add more features, effects, filters and other enhancements to ‘Stories’ to make the user experience even better. The goal will be to make users make their stories more personalized and post them impromptu rather than as the old way of posting in news feeds.

The Instagram Stories section was initially only available on mobile and later one could view stories from the desktop too. This clearly indicates how important a feature it is.

The story polls (with option of seeing who responded what) indicates a more integrated and personal approach for easy social interaction.  Even the ‘add a link to story’ feature was available only to verified accounts, which eventually became available to business profiles with more than 10k followers. Who knows, this feature may be allowed more flexibility in the coming days by being available to all the users.

Instagram Trends 2018

Instagram Live Could Be The Next Big Thing

Just like stories, Instagram live creates a powerful impact on viewers, in fact it is more interactive and creates a stronger personal relationship. Being ‘live’ is the real thing in this otherwise virtual world and users are able to connect to you or your event more easily and can ask or respond to questions immediately. Anyone can go live at any moment and be able to share the knowledge with the world with few clicks.

It is a great way to get more followers and do some quick and compelling marketing. It is also a great option for those who cannot make it to an event otherwise, but would like to see the proceedings. Human nature is to NOT miss anything – be it discounts, knowledge, events or anything else. Live will be further promoted as it is a platform to not only showcase your business, but also join hands with friends, connect with like-minded people and engage in fruitful collaboration. You will be able to see more additions to the ‘Live’ feature in this year.

The bottom line is that using the right strategy on Instagram can help you grow exponentially, but you need to ensure that your strategies are designed keeping the future Instagram trends in mind. So, keep an eye on the current trends and notice how things are likely to change to make your Instagram marketing strategy work.