Published On: Wed, Mar 13th, 2019

How to Create a Good Social Media Presence using Kicksta

Social media has taken the world by a storm over the last decade. It ’s become popular in the early 2000s and keeps growing each day. There are millions of social media users from various corners of the continent using the many networking sites available.  These sites are great platforms for interaction, sharing photos, posts, news, and marketing your business.

It’s one of the best ways to beat the competition in the modern day market.  Instagram has increasingly become one of the most popular ones because of the features they have.  Some of these include, IGTV, photo sharing , swipe up features for shopping and easy access to your site, and because of these features it’s become that most ideal avenue to market your product or services.   

How to Get Instagram Followers

Growing your audience on Instagram can be a tedious task, so many businesses have turned to using Instagram automation tools like Kicksta, to grow their following and gain real Instagram followers.  Users have been forced to use tactics like, hashtags to help drive traffic to their page, or use other manual means like following one person at a time and requesting for a follow back. Using Kicksta will save you a lot of manual work and time growing your account, so you can focus on planning out great content, and tending to other parts of your business.

How Kicksta Works

After signing up and with your Instagram account, you will be asked to provide a list of targets. Kicksta will like the photos of the followers of the targets that you provide.  You want to make sure that your targets are accounts that are in your niche, and people that you want to be attracted to your account or business. Their automation tool has an advanced targeting system that weeds out spam or any undesirable accounts.  With your account you get access to the dashboard which includes:

  • Easy-login portal
  • Tracks analytics
  • You can update your billing information, passwords, etc.
  • Users can remove underperforming targets and add new ones
  • Track likes and comments that followers leave on your posts

Kicksta Pricing

I have to say that the Kicksta pricing plan is the best for all. They have very affordable packages that come with a wide variety of benefits good for your business account. They include packages with moderate growth and maximum growth plans. The moderate growth package which goes for $49 per month has smart filters, and exclusive video onboarding. It also targets up to 10 accounts and is safe and secure. The other package which is the maximum growth package goes for $99 per month. It targets up to 40 accounts and has exclusive video onboarding. Targeting is based on gender, location, and hashtags. You will also enjoy the best customer support with this package because they have a live chat and email support option. If you are serious about growing your brand or business, then you should be ready to pay for the best package on Kicksta pricing list. Check out Kicksta’s blog for tips on how to better your  marketing strategy for your business on Instagram, tips from successful bloggers/influencers, how to use the features on Instagram to ramp up traffic to your page, and more.  They also have a free hashtag generator, if you’re having trouble thinking of what hashtags to use to drive more traffic to your posts.

Creating a Strong Social Media Presence

Consistency & Being Responsive

Be sure to always be posting consistently. Not posting enough will steer away a lot of your potential clients because they will be left thinking that your page is always dormant. Most people will also lose trust in your business because they want to work  with companies that are always active on social media.


Introducing offers to some of your posts is vital in keeping your page active and users engaged. Most of your followers will always be there requesting for more. You can use offers such as contests or giveaways for your products or services.

Being Responsive

Responding to all questions and comments posed by your followers, or other people is vital in creating that strong online presence and gaining more engagements from your followers. You should always reply to them within the shortest time possible. One thing you should do is hire a good team to manage all your social media  and respond to all client inquiries.


Instagram is one of the best platforms you can use to push your business. It is easy to succeed with a considerable following which might be difficult to build at times. Kicksta is one of the best automation tools you can use to get real Instagram followers. Their favorable pricing plan strategies will help you grow the right following for your Instagram account which is vital for business.  I’d recommend Kicksta and give their Instagram automation tool a 9.5/10.