Published On: Wed, May 3rd, 2017

It’s Not All Sunshine For Energy Companies

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We all rely on energy companies from business managers to homeowners. Everyone needs energy, and you might think that means that energy companies don’t have as many problems as other businesses on the market. This is not the case, and there are a lot of issues for utility suppliers right now as well as problems that are sure to develop further in the future. It’s interesting to look at the state of the utility companies and investigate how some of these issues could be resolved.

Going Green

You do have to wonder whether utility companies fear the rise of renewable energy. Right now, there is no renewable source of energy that can replace the power of fossil fuels. Even some forms of energy that seem renewable have fossil fuels thrown into the mix somewhere. But what if one day, there was an alternative to paying for gas and oil? What if customers were able to make their own energy.

Well, that’s already starting to happen with the solar panels that people are now using on home and business roofs. However, they don’t provide nearly enough energy to power a whole building. Essentially, they’re just lowering costs a little but regardless the popularity of renewable energy is rising. In a few years, utility suppliers not offering some form of renewable energy might be pushed off the market.

That said, there are plenty of energy businesses now that are offering renewable forms of power direct from them. So, while customers are still paying for their power, they can take comfort in the fact that they are doing their part to help the planet.


Utility Strikes

Utility strikes can be dangerous and result in the injury or death of members of the public. However, they can also be prevented if the utility company in question takes the right steps. With vacuum excavators, it’s easy to remove material around supply lines and get any problem fixed before it causes an issue. Unfortunately, a number of utility companies have avoided paying for a service like this and suffered the consequences. Mainly, the negative reception from customers caused them to lose a lot of business.


Power Outages

Recently, utility companies have warned business they must cut back on their power usage or risk the possibility of outages. The time is definitely coming when power outages in developed countries are going to be a regular occurrence. There is quite simply too many people needing power from limited resources.

It will certainly be interesting to see how utility companies deal with this issue. Perhaps by then, a lot more people will be using completely renewable power. Or maybe there will be caps on how much power people can use each day. One thing is certain. In ten years time energy and utility companies are going to look completely different for better or worse.

As you can see then, customer need does not quash the issues of business for utility companies. Indeed with a privatized market, these businesses face the same issues  as any other company from bad reviews to trouble with supply.