Published On: Mon, Apr 18th, 2016

NASA: Probe Alien Dust Samples near Saturn

Cassini space scientist who have been orbiting around Saturn from 2004 made a stunning discovery, report form science daily tell that , instrument on the probe cosmic dust analyzer or CDA has gathered a number of rare microscopic particles which is originated from stars.  Heidelberg University scientists analyzed that composition of dust which was found is consist of gasses like helium as well as number of heavy metals. Dr. Mario Trieloff says these minuscule are the materials which lead to compose earth and other (planet).

NASA Probe Alien Dust Samples near Saturn (2)

The finding of dust is rare opportunity to analyze particles from depth of outer space. It marks for first time astronomers can read data from statistically significant of rare interstellar dust particles. Dr. Frank Postberg illustrated that ‘the result of the measurement was truly amazing 36 particles of interstellar origin which are very similar in composition rock- forming elements’. Magnesium, iron, silicon and calcium were the element that has been collected through probe.

In the 1990s Ulysses mission made first in-situ observations for this material which was conform by NASA s Galileo spacecraft.  Scientist hopes that, we would be able to detect these interstellar interlopers at Saturn with Cassini. These tiny dust were speeding through Saturn at over 45,000 mph (72,000 kilometers per hour which is first enough to avoid being trapped inside the solar system and the gravity of sun and planets.

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Usually cosmic dust are formed when stars die but we naturally encounter a huge dust types over long period of time and our study, stardust grains are found in some types of meteorites which are preserved since birth of our solar system. Dust could be destroyed into multiple times as shock waves passed through resulting in grains.

Cassini mission has enabled us to use it like a micrometeorite observatory which provides us privileged to access to the contribution of dust from outside our solar system which could be obtained in any other way: said Altobelli.