Published On: Wed, Nov 15th, 2017

7 Rules for One-Night Stands

According to statistics, this is the most common sex adventure on Earth. In order this adventure doesn’t turn into the nightmare of your entire life, we advise you to remember that men and women differently evaluate their dating experience of a one-night stand. Most men are satisfied with such affair and gladly talk about it with friends. Women, on the contrary, can feel used. So, if you want to do everything right, follow simple rules.

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What are the one-night stand rules?

Rule # 1. Make the right choice

First of all, you need to find a good candidate. She should be:

  •         Not married.
  •         Attractive enough: you shouldn’t rely on alcohol. It is unlikely that someone who seemed uninteresting to you from the very beginning of your acquaintance can become prettier after two cocktails. You should decide what you want more – to get drunk or to have sex.
  •         She shouldn’t ask such questions as “What is a one-night stand?”
  •         A girl shouldn’t be from your usual circle of communication (especially if someday you will be looking for girls for marriage).

Rule #2. Choose some neutral territory

How to get a one-night stand? You need to choose a place. It is better to avoid the question “To me or to you?” Suggest your own version: “To the hotel”. Don’t think about those who slept on these sheets before you, used a bathroom, etc. But inform in advance the person to whom you trust where and with whom you are going to spend time. Leave the ways for a retreat in case something goes wrong. It’s easier to escape than to expel a “guest” from your apartment in the middle of the night. In addition, thus you can certainly avoid unnecessary visits.

Rule # 3. Have only safe sex

“I don’t feel anything!”– Is it the adequate cost of the party? Of course, it is not.

“I can’t have children”. It is not the fact that after sexual contact, you will not have other problems that will be shameless to discuss even with a familiar venereologist.

Don’t play with fire and take care of your health, nerves, and money. And don’t be afraid to seem like a bore if it comes to issues of protection. You can avoid unpleasant feelings in the future by using this short but very capacious phrase: “We will do it only with protection!” And this is one of the most important one-night stand rules.

Rule # 4. Forget about stupid phrases

A one night stand doesn’t mean romance in any of its manifestations. Save affectionate nicknames, gentle hugs, and sex position for a loved one. Otherwise, you run the risk of frightening a woman with whom you share a bed. Don’t be surprised if she abruptly stops everything after these “tenderness” and suddenly “remembers” about a million of urgent matters.

Rule # 5. Don’t complain

Complaints about life, bad luck, exes, and problems at work – the temptation to speak out to a stranger is great, but it is better to pay a visit to a psychoanalyst. Otherwise, an effect will be spoiled by a scenario of a beautiful, albeit short, erotic film. Don’t ask a partner about personal. You also don’t need this information.

Rule # 6. Play by the rules

  •         Don’t stay until morning.
  •         Don’t forget your keys, smartphone or purse so that not to have the temptation to return for them.
  •         Don’t give your phone number! If it seems to you that your “relationship” has a future, then leave an e-mail at the very least.
  •         Don’t make a promise to call, write, and arrange the next meeting as soon as possible.

Rule # 7. Don’t fall in love

It is the most difficult rule. A woman, who falls asleep after a stormy sex, sometimes looks so touching, so defenceless… But it is necessary to “turn on” the brain and separate the game of hormones from the manifestations of real feelings. However, if you adhere to the rule number 6, it will be a little easier.