Published On: Wed, Apr 6th, 2016

Ted Cruz wins in Wisconsin Primary, Defeats Donald Trump

Ted Cruz wins in Wisconsin Primary and defeats Donald Trump. Bernie Sanders also won seven out of eight against Hillary Clinton. Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders are celebrating their victory against Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Donald trump and Hillary Clinton are rivals of Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders .Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were both licking their wounds after defeat and must try to get back on their respective path to the white house.

Ted Cruz wins in Wisconsin Primary, Defeats Donald Trump

Ted Cruz wins in Wisconsin Primary easily against Donald Trump. Trump entered the night with 737 convention delegates to Cruz’s 481, leaving him 500 delegates short of the 1,237 needed to become the party’s nominee in the November 8 election. But ted said that he was cutting the Trump’s lead. Mr Cruz was set to capture most of Wisconsin’s 42 Republican delegates .Ted Cruz Said, “Either before Cleveland, or at the convention in Cleveland, together we will win a majority of the delegates or together we will beat Clinton in November.” Ted Cruz also said, “we are winning because we are uniting the Republican Party.”  Cruz said that he is the only one who can unite the Republican Party. Ted Cruz Described the turning point of the victory over trump that he said that woman who had abortion should face “some form of punishment.”

Donald Trump reaction when Ted Cruz wins in Wisconsin Primary

Donald Trump said nothing after the event. He was silent after the Event. But eventually he hits back in twitter. One of his campaign said, “Ted Cruz is worse than a puppet – he is a Trojan horse, being used by the party bosses attempting to steal the nomination from Mr Trump.” Trump campaign Mr. Jim Robert said in his tweet that Mr. Cruz is nothing more than a puppet of Party Bosses.