Published On: Fri, Apr 29th, 2016

India Potentials to Counterweight China: US Congressman

India potentials to counterweight China’s growing regional influence in Asia. They have become increasingly vocal on issue like freedom of navigation in the South China sea and Indian Ocean region. Congressman Eliot Engel said during congressional hearing on Thursday.

India Potentials to Counterweight China US Congressman (1)

House Foreign Affairs committee hearing on challenges and opportunities in Asia. Congressman from New York argued that world’s largest democracy India should be an integral part of America’s Asia policy.

‘’ as the world’s third largest economy, India has been the potential to become a major economic player in East Asia region, and is already playing a constructive role in maritime issues’’, he added.

India and United State relation

India is the third largest economy in the world by purchasing power parity and is the largest democracy in the Asian region. The US –India relationship is very important. It’s growing in particular defense side and Prime Minister Modi will be coming to Washington again in couple of months to meet with President Obama, Engel said.

Obama administration strongly shares lawmakers view on the importance of India. Both in and of itself but also as part of the region and as an increasingly vital regional actor. Whereas, India potentials has its own regional policy that dovetails very nicely with the work we are doing on re-balance. He said.

Business ship US and India

Everything from climate and smart cities to improving the business, defense cooperation, production cooperation and defense area, intelligence share, counter terrorism, countering violent extremism across the board the relationship has been elevated, he added.

India Potentials to Counterweight China US Congressman

‘’USA and India is doing the same two things, building our own relationship, with each other and India as evidence by the extraordinary high level engagement including Prime Minister Modi return. The President being received as chief guest,for first time as the honored guest at Republic Day and its very concrete collaboration across the board’’. Blinken said.