Published On: Tue, Apr 19th, 2016

Brazil: Dilma Rousseff to Impeach President

Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff suffered a defeat on Sunday as congress voted to impeach her. In a lower house session voting ended on late Sunday evening with 367 of 513 backing impeachment which was beyond the two-thirds majority of 342 needed to advance the case in upper house.

Brazil Dilma Rousseff to Impeach President

Jose Guimaraes, leader of workers party in lower house responded with defeat more than 80 votes still to be counted, but the fight will lead to court, street and senate. 342 votes were cast for impeachment chamber erupted into cheers and Eu sou Brasileiro. Watched by tens of millions at home and in the streets,

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Rousseff, has said that previous president used such fiscal maneuvers without repercussions and calls accusations against her an act of violence against democracy. She said claims against her are really a flimsy cover of Brazil traditional ruling elite to grab power back from Worker Party which government for 13 years, ‘’she is not going to cowed, I won’t let myself be paralyzed by this’’ she also added that, ‘’ I have the energy, strength and courage to confront this justice’’.

Brazil Dilma Rousseff to Impeach President (1)

Rousseff, ‘’ there are no bribery accusations against me, no accusations that I accepted illicit payout, I wasn’t accused of having foreign banks accounts’’.


Sunday’s impeachment vote has heightened the uncertainty already increasingly polarized Brazil which is struggling with worst recession in decades and corruption scandal and country is preparing to host Olympic Games in August.  Impeachment document which was handed to senate from lower house will now focus on legislative body where initial vote on impeachment is expected in about two weeks.

According to news reports 45 o the 81 senator have indicated that they will be voting in favor of an impeachment trial. Rousseff, consistently insisted her relationship with Senate is far better than chanber of Deputies. However, it is the complicated it would be at least 40 days until Rousseff fate is decided.