Published On: Wed, May 4th, 2016

America Abandoning Middle East Will Regret

America abandoning Middle East could lead to regret for US. The presidential campaign this highlighted the gap between foreign policy elite and voters. Donald Trump, The Republican front runner has castigated the Iraq war as a crime, denounced.

America Abandoning Middle East Will Regret (1)

Iraq War

 American’s traditional alliances and lavished praise on dictators such as Muammar al-Qaddafi, Iraq war also haunted the Democratic Party with Bernie Sanders describing Hillary Cliton’s support for war as a judgement test that she failed.

Since the cold war, the foreign policy establishment has lined up behind a far-reaching policy of sustaining the walls of containment in the Middle East. Aspect of unity was that it survived the breakdown of the national consensus over the Vietnam War.

In the post-Cold War era, when America no longer had to rebuff a relentless Soviet Union, Middle East remained an area of rough agreement. In 2003, both parties lined up behind the invasion of Iraq and the need to cleanse it of its elusive weapons of mass destruction.

The 9/11 tragedies did much condition the bipartisan embrace of the Iraq War, but the Middle East long been a place of such consensus. The Iraq war shattered the conventions of US politics, Barack Obama presidency was a reaction to America’s costly attempt to implant democratic rule in Iraq.

Trump to Obama Administration

The Obama administration was increasingly censured by the foreign policy elite. Republicans loudly and Democratic obliquely this only reinforced Obama’s disdain for what he termed the ‘’Washington Playbook’’. America Abandoning Middle East could be the most important factor in US political stardom.

America Abandoning Middle East Will Regret

The region’s oil reached its destination at reasonable prices. But, today in a nation tired of war and pathologies of the Arab world. No American president will ever leave the Middle East, but the time when Washington was eager to mitigate its conflicts has passed.

The pendulum may swing back again, the Iraq syndrome-like debilitating Vietnamese predecessor will one day pass. But for the first time in its post independence history. Middle East is truly on its own and the dangers of that isolation will eventually become obvious.