Published On: Thu, Feb 28th, 2019

With Life Expectancy Up, Parents Will Have Longer To Prepare Their Children For Life

Advancing quality of life around the world has created longer life expectancy, according to the latest World Health Organization statistics. Globally, people are living to at least 72, with many countries experiencing much higher levels of life expectancy. What this means is that parents have a much greater timespan to create and execute a plan that will help their children to enjoy a better life. By equipping themselves with the latest technology and staying up to date with political movements, parents have a better opportunity than ever before to make sure their children flourish in life.

Financial and emergency support

There are a huge range of factors in providing for a child, but the financial aspect is key. Enjoying a longer and healthier life gives parents a prime opportunity to address this. Firstly, a bigger pension and longer working life will create a larger estate to help support the children after passing on. Secondly, living longer and healthier will create a more generous life insurance plan that is more affordable in the long run. Social media is changing the outlook here: for instance, a number of New York underwriters are monitoring online information for ‘unhealthy’ acts like smoking and alcohol use, according to The Verge. This echoes schemes like China’s social credit. This experience can provide a helpful lesson for the child’s education.

Providing an excellent education

The experience gained from a longer life will give parents valuable insights into education, including in what areas their children can have a successful career. However, parents should be wary of the risks of trying to push a child into a field that doesn’t suit them. Research has shown that happier children get better grades, so pushing a child into unwanted fields simply because they will yield a good career is unwise. Instead, parents should help them discover what they’re good at, give realistic advice on where that industry is going, and equip them with the life skills to carve out a career around it.

Giving life skills

Our thinking is roughly divided into two mindsets – fixed and growth. This is a view favored by the World Economic Forum, who also note that attitude is more important than intelligence. A longer life is a great example of fortuity, and that alone can provide inspiration to children. Show them that failure isn’t the end: it can be learned from, and that determination will get them further than simply being smart. With the right mindset, any child can, and will, forge ahead with a good career and life.

A longer life means more opportunities to impart wisdom. This can be financial, educational, or simply in life lessons. Whichever way, parents can make the most of the opportunity to lay the best foundation for the success of their children.