Published On: Wed, Apr 27th, 2016

U.S Military Launches Cyber Attacks on ISIS

The US military launches cyber attacks on ISIS, a general said on Tuesday, we have now begun to use our exquistic cyber capabilities in this fight against Daesh, Baghdad based Major General Peter Gersten, told Pentagon reporters.

The United States was determined to ‘’accelerate’’ the anti-ISIS campaign and indicated cyber warfare would play an increasingly important role in doing so, added, Defense Secretary Ashton Cartor.

U.S Military Launches Cyber Attacks on ISIS

Earlier this month, Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert work said, ‘’ we are dropping cyberbombs’’ on the IS group.

Ashton Carter

The attacks aim to interrupt command and control to cause them to lose confidence in their network, to overload their network so they can’t function and to do all of these things that will interrupt their ability to command and control forces there. Control the population and the economy.

Much of the telecommunications infrastructure in Mosul and Iraq are set up by the US during 2003 Iraq war. It will be easier for us to hacking it.

He also added, ‘’ we don’t want the enemy to know when, where, and how we are conducting cyber operations. We don’t want them to have information that will allow them to adapt overtime. We want them to be surprised when we conduct cyber operations’’.

U.S military hackers

US military launches cyber attacks on ISIS could be online offensive against the terror group. Military hackers are now breaking into the computers of individual ISIS fighters. When hackers reach inside the computer they implant virus and malicious software that allow them to mine their devices for intelligence. We can also access into the groups.

U.S Military Launches Cyber Attacks on ISIS (1)

Hacking ISIS members was an important source for identifying key figures in the organization. President also confirmed that cyber operations were underway and noted that recently US has captured or killed several key ISIS figures.

Obama and other top official’s willingness to talk openly about cyber attacks. Cyber Command has been around seven years now. Said former officer, I think they are pressure to do something.




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