Published On: Sat, Apr 23rd, 2016

Rhoden Family,Slaked 8 Member Three kids Survive: Ohio

Eight member of same member found dead after being shot in head in rural southern Ohio community.

Ohio Attornity General Mike DeWine said investigators has found out seven adults and 16 year old dead body has recovered at four crime scenes and the victims included a mother slain while her four day old child lay beside her. We are advising family member to be very careful and take caution.

Rhoden Family,Slaked 8 Member Three kids Survive Ohio

Pike county Sheriff, Charles Reader said that officers have been deployed in searching a killer. We have specific family which they have targeted and there should not be any threat to any other family, but all the family members are from Rhoden family.

What makes this particular grisly in Rhoden family

The child along with a 6 month old and a 3 year old survived a crime. Police have no evidence and suspect to give and killer’s motive. But Ohio Attorney informed that residents are grapping violence rarely seen in Piketon, a town of about 2,000 residents 90 miles east of Cincinnati.

Reader added, sheriff office was notified in Friday morning that two bodies had been found in bloody scene and officers were flagged and other bodies were too found. Victims were killed at three residences in the county two within walking distance and third half mile away.

There should be More than one accused

All the victims were got shot in head and accident should be occurred at night, the mother was killed in bed with 4 day old child.

Rhoden Family,Slaked 8 Member Three kids Survive Ohio (2)

The Rhoden family was targeted and we’ve talk with other member of the family, we have expressed our concern to work with them for protection and investigation has been started by sheriff team and more dozen of sheriff has been assisted after request was made.

Ohio Governor John Kasich said, state is working with local law enforcement and we’ll continue to monitor this closely and state will work according to local law enforcement however.





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