Published On: Sun, Oct 23rd, 2016

Why The Global Green Revolution Is Your Responsiblity As An Individual

When you think of the environment and how we’re ravaging it, it’s easy to pass the buck. You might say that you’re just one person, not one of the businesses that are doing most of the harm. It’s true that you’re not personally responsible for the state our environment is in. You are, however, individually responsible, like the rest of us. As with anything else, the individual has a lot of power.


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Get educated

If you’re going to start taking the environment seriously, then you have to start learning what’s actually going on in the world. You need to learn about climate change and the causes. About habitats and extinction. You need to also learn about what we’re doing to stop it. For example, you might want to consider attending events like India’s Renewable Energy Conference. There you can learn about the threats facing us and the solutions to those threats. All without the misinformation so common from today’s media outlets. The fact is that the truth isn’t being covered in the news, so you have to reach out for it yourself.

Get sustainable in the home

When you start learning, that’s when you start applying that knowledge to your own life. There’s a lot we can all do to be more sustainable in our home. By getting insulation fitted and relying less on air conditioning, we’re using fewer resources and saving on our energy bills. By using our own compost heaps and reusing gray water, we can take care of our garden and grow our own food. You might even be able to consider investing in solar panels if you live in an area that gets enough light to make use of them.

Let businesses know

Nowadays, ethics and business are often in the headlines together. Companies are becoming all too aware of their corporate social responsibility. People are willing to buy and boycott businesses based on their practices. You should be one of those people. Look into the businesses you buy their products from. See if they mention the steps they take towards sustainable business. If the answer is ‘none’, then send letters and social media messages. Pressure them to get with the times, or withdraw your business. There are enough people willing to do the same to make a difference.

Be part of the change

Contributing (or not contributing) to businesses is just one form of major scale change you can be a part of. You can also be a part of change that’s a lot more positive. You can partner up with organizations like Greenpeace that focus on worldwide conservation efforts. You can donate personally, but you might be able to do more by campaigning in your area and online. You might even want to take charge and organize a fundraiser in cooperation with them. Charities are always looking for more help.

Let your voice be heard and let your actions be an example. Get involved and become a part of the Global Green Revolution or environmental revolution. The buck has to stop here and we all have to start taking responsibility.