Published On: Sat, Jul 2nd, 2016

How Your Business Could Be Harming The Earth


Unless you’re going out of the way to ignore the evidence, I’m sure you’re concerned for the impact we all have on the environment. Green living and operation has become a bigger and bigger subject over the past couple of decades, and there’s always room for improvement. Here are some of the ways your business may be harming the environment, and how you can turn them around.

How Your Business Could Be Harming The Earth

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Probably the biggest hazard coming from any business is the waste they produce. All kinds of business operations produce a substantial amount of waste. A lot of this is poured into natural water sources, dumped in landfill sites, or incinerated. None of these options are particularly good for the environment. If you’re guilty of any of these, it’s time for a change in regime.

How Your Business Could Be Harming The Earth

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No matter what you need to dispose of, try and find some ways to make it a little greener. A liquid waste consulting service can help you with the liquid waste you’re dealing with. When it comes to paper and other recyclable materials, having a large change in the company culture is usually all that’s needed.

Business Could Be Harming The Earth

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Your heating and air con are two other things which could be harming the environment. When you first had it installed, you were probably told to have your heating and air con units checked (x) times a year. Naturally, you may have completely forgotten about that! If this is the case, then you need to get into a schedule for having your heating and cooling systems checked by a maintenance professional.

If the units you’re using are a little dated, then you may want to have them replaced. This is going to be pricey, I know. However, modern HVAC units are designed to cut down the amount of greenhouse gasses they release. Compared to older models, these are much kinder to the earth. If this hasn’t got you convinced, then you can at least appreciate the reduced noise from running them!

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Finally, your vehicles. Well, not specifically yours. Cars in general are one of the biggest environmental problems we’re facing in 2016. Every day, a lot of people hop in their cars and drive to your office so they can start working. This contributes to a gradual, but very detrimental effect in the environment. A lot of business owners feel funny about telling their staff how to get to work.

However, your indifference could be causing more harm than you know! Try to reduce the use of cars at your business by introducing an incentivised carpool program, or a bike to work scheme with similar rewards. You may be surprised at how receptive your staff are. While some people will scoff and carry on driving their gas guzzlers, most of us know that we should be doing more for the environment. A little extra push could be all they need!


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There you have some of the big ways your business could be harming the environment. Take a step back, look for areas that could be improved, and then get to it!