Published On: Thu, Feb 21st, 2019

The Housing Market Is More Competitive Than Ever – How Can Sellers Get Ahead?

Growing global populations and growing wealth in all but thirteen countries mean that housing stock continues to grow. However, according to real estate analysts, housing stock growth of 4.7% is outstripped by an 11% drop in sales globally. As a result, the market is quickly becoming geared towards buyers rather than sellers. It is more important than ever, then, to make sure that your property is geared towards a quick sale so you can move on to your next home

The easy part: house presentation

 When it comes to realty, first impressions count. This is a principle stated by Forbes real estate expert Reagan Greer, who placed particular weight on the need for landscaping and the home exterior. The garden should be well planned and cut to an exacting standard to give a refined presentation. Likewise, the exterior of the home should be cleaned thoroughly or professionally, including guttering and drains. Make the front of your house inviting, so visitors are wowed as soon as they exit the car. This will make your home more attractive, but also give you, as sellers, a good reputation.

Picking your time of year

While you won’t always have the luxury of picking when you sell, it’s worth aiming for a certain time of year if you can. Across the world, the best time of year to sell tends to be around May. This varies, of course. In America, some places are best for sellers as early as April; whereas March through April is best in Australia, according to Do your research based on your locality to find the best time, and then plan accordingly around that period. Allow up to 20 days before to get your home on the market.

Get your digital marketing in order

House selling is increasingly about online presence. In the UK, daily newspaper The Telegraph reported that 5% of all sales were conducted online even as early as 2016. Even if the sale isn’t conducted online, the search may be – Marketing Week estimate that 90% of searches begin online. Your estate agent should be media savvy, and if you don’t choose to use one, you should be. Use all of your social media presence and make the listing compatible across platforms to give yourself the best shot at the sale.

A quick sale will help you to enjoy the value of your old property and move on to the next one. Doing so can be challenging given global property market conditions. Give yourself a head start through presenting your home in the best way you can.