Published On: Wed, Oct 26th, 2016

Staying Fit Should Not Drain Your Bank Account


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Every day, we see ads on TV and articles in the media that tell us we should be working to get fit. What they don’t tell us is that getting fit and healthy is going to cost a lot of money. Even staying in good shape could put massive amounts of pressure on your bank account. Why is this and what are the solutions for staying fit without spending money?

Eating Healthy


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Did you know there is a correlation between socioeconomic factors and obesity? It’s true to say that if you live on a limited income, your family are more likely to be overweight. There’s a simple reason for this. Food that is better for you or healthier is often more expensive. If you want a simple example of this, consider organic vegetables. Organic vegetables will cost you roughly fifty pence more than your typical veg. The shops are charging us more for wanting to stay healthy and eat a good diet. The same can be said for fast food restaurants. If you go to a fast food joint, you will commonly find healthy options far more expensive than the junk food on sale. How can we get around this issue?

Well, you could start growing your own fruit and veg in the back yard. Since you’re the one growing it, you’ll know that it’s perfectly organic. You won’t need to worry about different chemicals that might have been used to make it grow more. Better yet, it will be cheap to buy and plant the seeds that you need.

Getting Meds


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Most people have an underlying health problem that affects their life. This could be diabetes, anaemia or any other medical condition. To stay healthy and keep a good quality of life, these individuals must buy medicine. The meds needed often cost a fortune and are one of the reasons why people with long-term medical problems are more at risk of suffering from poverty. The best way to cut the cost of your medicine is to price check. You need to make sure that you are looking online for the best prices. Sometimes, getting the medicine from your local GP won’t be the ideal solution. You can compare the prices of prescription medication online and make sure that you find the best deal.

Doctor, Doctor




If you use private healthcare services, medical treatment could cost you a fortune. This is true, even if you have medical insurance. That insurance won’t cover all medical treatments, and at some point, you could find yourself with a hefty bill. The best way to reduce the costs of this type of medical treatment is to stay fit and healthy. You need to look after yourself and understand the issues that make medical problems more likely. For instance, people who smoke are more likely to develop several forms of cancer. If you keep good care of your body and your health, you’ll find medical treatment costs far less.

We hope you see now that staying fit and healthy doesn’t need to be a massive drain on your bank balance.



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