Published On: Thu, Jun 22nd, 2017

Scenarios Where You Can Seek Compensation

Sometimes life can hand you a deck of cards that is far from ideal. You may find yourself in a situation where finances are difficult, you are struggling with your career, you’re even having relationship difficulties. We have all been there. But there are certain situations that can often make us feel hurt and upset, and even cause us injury and pain.

In most cases, these situations are not our fault. Which is why I thought I would share with you some of the scenarios where you are entitled to receive some compensation. Making your life that little bit easier to handle after a life-changing event.


Has your flight been delayed?

Nowadays if you are subject to a delayed flight, you are fully entitled to some compensation because of it. Especially if it has put you in a situation where you need to have hotel accommodation or anything longer than a few hours which means you need to buy food and drink. This can often be stressful for any passengers involved. If you have been in this situation get in touch with your airline and make a complaint.


Claiming back bank charges or being mis-sold

Years ago, banks were able to charge you whatever they wanted when it came to your bank account. That meant if you went overdrawn you were charged, or subsequently let payments leave your account with insufficient funds. Not to mention the interest charges. But, now there are much stricter guidelines when it comes to charges, and so it is important to ensure that you have not been overcharged in the past. Other situations you may find yourself in is paying for policies you did not authorise. For example, some loans and credit cards instantly had a payment protection placed on them without the customer consent. You are entitled to all of these charges back as you were mis-sold financial products.


Suffering from a personal injury

A personal injury can occur in many different situations. One of the first scenarios can be a car accident where you are forced into a situation you did not intend. In many situations, the accident is not your fault, but you are left with injuries that occurred from the impact. Other scenarios can be an accident in the workplace; equally, this may not have been your fault, but can cause you long term damage. This is when you may want to see some advice from a workplace injury lawyer. They can best advise you on your case and also whether you are entitled to compensation because of it. It can often be a long drawn out process, but it would be worth it in the long run.


Ending up with food poisoning on holiday

A recent development for holiday makers is now being entitled to compensation from your accommodation or holiday provider if you are subject to food poisoning during your vacation. As part of an all-inclusive package, you get your food and drink, this is something you pay for in advance. So it won’t be your fault if the food hygiene isn’t up to scratch, or you become ill because of poor cooking.