Published On: Sat, Dec 16th, 2017

Insurance And Investment: The Financial Gambles We Make

Insurance And Investment: The Financial Gambles We Make



Much like people make a lot of investments, we also make a lot of gambles. There is a fundamental difference in earnings now, and there’s not just rich and poor, but there are many subtle levels. Now, there are people in full-time professional careers who are being turfed out of their private rented accommodation, which means the people who are in a full-time job are suddenly made homeless. This is a reality of now. So, are there many superfluous expenses we make in life?


Are We Wasting Money?

Not on the material items, but things that we may consider to be a bit of a gamble. So, even something like insurance can be perceived as a bit of a gamble. In some situations, some people do not earn enough to afford a monthly policy. However, it is an essential part of keeping yourself protected, and it shouldn’t be viewed as a waste of money. It can be viewed as a waste of money if you go for a cheap policy that doesn’t do what you expect it to do. Other insurance companies come highly rated, like Youi in Australia and Confused in the UK, and address the aspect of comprehensive policies, with prices to match. Lots of people view insurance companies as one of those necessary evils but do nothing to reduce their monthly outgoings.


Beating The Financial Downward Trajectory

Even people who are in full-time employment don’t feel secure in their jobs anymore, so why do we still continue to make financial gambles in life? But are there other options we can pursue? Now, the rise of cryptocurrency has been widely discussed. And, whether you view it as good or bad, it has thrown up a lot of valid points about additional investments, and not just relying on your pay package. This is the key to overcoming precarious financial gambles in life.


What Are Our Investment Options?

As well as cryptocurrency, most people opt to go onto the property ladder. But, many people can’t afford to get on this. So what are the options for these people who are not wealthy enough to make a major investment? Luckily, because of the internet, there is a lot more scope for investment at our disposal. And not just the standard stocks, but there are things like gold, as well as peer to peer lending.


As inflation rises, but the pay doesn’t rise to meet it, there are more gambles we make on an individual level. We take out more credit cards; get more loans, anything to help us get through life. This means that we are playing with fire in a financial sense. And when it comes to learning how to conserve our finances, we should be looking at the basic outgoings we have every month, from our insurance policies and our utility bills, but also look at long-term investments to help grow that money tree. We are, for the most part, in a financial quandary, regardless of our wealth, so this means we have to start thinking more carefully about the gambles we make on a daily basis.



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