Published On: Mon, Oct 10th, 2016

Don’t Be Clueless About the World You Live In! Learn More About Law Today

Don't Be Clueless About the World You Live In


A lot of people are put off the idea of learning more about law. After all, don’t people who want to learn about law subjected to several years of law school? What’s the point of starting to research it if it’s going to take so long?

I’m not saying you should be trying to become a lawyer. You don’t need to know everything a lawyer knows. But understanding the world that they work in is, to my mind, essential. Because it’s something that affects pretty much everything you do in ways you may not realize.

Understanding your rights

It seems that many people don’t know that much about their own rights. This is pretty alarming, when you think about it. Sure, most people have a basic grasp on some of the biggest rights we have in America. Everyone knows about the right to free speech. (Though even this is often misunderstood!) Everyone knows about the right to bear arms. And many will know about your right to an attorney if you’re arrested. But how many other rights can you name?

When you know your rights, you can keep yourself protected. For most people, this will relate directly to interactions with the police. But there are also your rights as a tenant and an employee that you should also know about.


Knowing when you’re breaking the law

People like to say that ignorance isn’t an excuse for breaking the law. And it’s true that the cops and the courts probably aren’t going to care that you didn’t know you were breaking the law. Especially when it’s difficult to prove what you did and didn’t know before the fact!

The less you know about the law, the more likely it is you’re going to break it. For example, there are so many laws regarding video and photography that someone new to them both might be breaking the law when they work in public!

Getting to grips with the news

With so many legal cases in the news, it’s hard enough to keep track of all the interesting ones. But the fact is that you may never fully grasp what’s actually going on if you don’t understand law. In recent years, the complex and lengthy cases of Amanda Knox and Oscar Pistorius made headlines around the world. But their length and complexity confused a lot of people and contributed to a “trial by media” mentality.

Don't Be Clueless About the World You Live In


An information source like Black’s Law Dictionary can help you to get to grips with a lot of the legal concepts that are often featured in the news. Understanding such things can help you make a more informed opinion about what’s actually going on. Otherwise, your opinion on the subject might be easily boiled down to pure emotion.

It’s interesting!

The world of law is a complex one. But it’s also extremely interesting. And this might just be the best reason to start learning more about it! Once you start researching the subject, you’ll start to see just how much it affects so many of the things you experience in everyday life.