Published On: Fri, Dec 30th, 2016

Ways Justice Is Often Warped In Cases Of Sexual Offence

An act of sexual crime is one of the most horrific offences imaginable. In terms of both justice and the inherent nature of the crime itself, it’s something that has long been handled poorly on both sides of the scale. Victims of wrongful accusations and victims of actual cases of assault have been treated dreadfully by the justice system for years on end, with little, but very slow, signs of improvement.


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Whilst it can be a terrifying world for women, when faced not only with men who can lie and cheat the system to avoid justice, but the humiliating nature of sexual harassment in itself, it can also be a cruel world to a select few offenders who are the victims of wrongful conviction. As with many wrongful convictions of all manner of crimes, such a sentence can entirely ruin an innocent person’s life. Everything from their career to their relationships with family and friends can be entirely shattered by such a sentence.

The justice system is merciless to the convicted.

There have been awful cases of wrongful conviction in the past, but what’s perhaps worse than the state admitting error on its part is a failure of justice officials to properly compensate those whom they have wronged. Many find one such case of a man who was wrongly imprisoned for over 3 decades, and received less than a hundred dollars in compensation, to be particularly horrifying. It highlights a deeper problem with perceptions of society to sexual offence, whether it comes to the offender or the victim of assault.

Either way, we seem to live at the mercy of a system which is ill-equipped to deal with such a crime, given the rather unparalleled nature of it. Often, there are no witnesses to crimes of sexual offence other than the offender and the victim themselves. It’s hard to build a case in such an instance, because offenders can be wrongfully convicted, given the difficulty of providing proof of their innocence, and victims of assault can be dismissed as liars, given the difficulty of providing any proof to the crime occurring. In many cases, women are too afraid to come out and admit to being a victim of assault at first; shame, guilt and humiliation are all emotions one can feel when they are the victim of such a horrendous crime.

It’s a sad state of affairs when we’re left at the mercy of a justice system which shrugs off its own failures, and seeks to only offer retribution and justice to those who are victims from the outset. When they are the creators of a victim, however, it seems those in power within the justice system do little to nothing to right their wrongs and repay those who have been the victims of massive injustice and wrongful conviction.

It seems like the only way to face the cold heart of justice is to act preemptively.

Once the conviction is passed, even if you are innocent, the odds are stacked up against you. So many have received so little in the way of compensation or action to remove them from prison, because the system is hesitant to act. You could be facing years of jail time if you don’t work to put together a strong legal case to prove your innocence, because this isn’t like other crimes. Proving you did nothing is hard, because there’s no ‘evidence’ to produce of that; not without a witness, at least.

Some accusations of assault are worse than others, of course, so you need to plan your case carefully. If you’ve been wrongly convicted for a pc 288, which is assault against a minor, then you need to act now to prove your innocence. The justice system has its hands tied if you can’t provide a clear case providing you are not the culprit of the crime, because assault is such a severe offence.

Taking action now isn’t just about saving you money; it’s about saving you years, or even decades of jail time for a crime you didn’t commit. Statistics have shown that the odds are stacked up against the wrongly convicted once they’re behind bars, so your reputation amongst those who love and respect you is what hangs in the balance when it comes to acting early. More importantly, perhaps, your freedom hangs in the balance.

Of course, the justice system is no kinder to victims of real sexual assault.

What is perhaps more shocking than the fact that so many men are wrongly convicted for sexual assault is that so many real offenders endure no punishment whatsoever for their actions. Conviction rates for cases of assault are so ridiculously low that only a few out of every hundred legal cases launched against assailants seem to come to any form of successful resolution, as of the current date.

Perhaps you, or someone you know, has been a victim of sexual assault. It is, of course, a horrific crime, and this is part of the reason for its low conviction rate. Victims of this offence are often so emotionally scarred that they seek no legal retribution for that through which they have suffered, because they just want to move on and forget about it, but you don’t have to let it be this way. There are laws out there not only designed to protect you, but to offer justice to you, should you need to mount a case against such a criminal.


Remember, the system may often be warped and insufficient in responding correctly to sexual crime, but that’s only because of the very unique nature of this offence. Unlike other crimes, there are limits to what law enforcement and detective work can uncover from cases of assault.

That’s why it’s up to us, as citizens, to ensure we prevent wrongful convictions and increase the number of real criminals who end up behind bars. This is about more than justice for the sake of justice; it’s about protecting our streets and ensuring that fewer people are the victims of such inhumane assault or harassment.