Published On: Wed, Nov 21st, 2018

Is Your Self Improvement Game Strong Enough?

Self improvement isn’t just for people who are facing struggles in life and want to do their best to navigate them. Self improvement is for everyone. Self improvement and personal growth go hand in hand, and this is how you understand yourself and push yourself to reach your highest potential. Integrating new hobbies and habits, learning new skills, and coming up with strategies to reach your goals will all go towards your self improvement game. Your self improvement efforts can also have a big impact on your professional growth, so it can impact you in many positive ways. Below, we’ll talk about what you should start doing to make sure your self improvement game is up to scratch.


Don’t Wait Any Longer

Maybe you’ve been meaning to sign up for a course or to read a book, but you’ve been making excuses or putting it off some other way. Don’t wait any longer. Do something that will get you closer to where you want to be right now. Just think of where you could be next month, in 6 months, or a year?! Figure out what your excuses are and stop procrastinating.


Learn To Love Yourself

Learning to love yourself can be difficult, especially if you’ve grown up around people who do nothing but criticize – even if it’s themselves they are criticizing. Learn to love your little quirks and the things that make you, you. Stop putting so much emphasis on things like weight, your face shape, how big your lips are, etc, and instead focus on things like how strong you are, how healthy you are, how funny you are…there’s always something to be grateful for!  

Is Your Self Improvement Game Strong Enough?


Use positive self love affirmations every day and refuse to entertain negative thoughts. Speak to yourself in your head like you would a friend. It works!


Just Take Baby Steps

When it comes to self improvement, you don’t have to take one giant leap right now to get to where you want to be. You can simply take baby steps to get you there. That’s all it takes; one baby step per day and you’ll eventually reach your goals. Make a plan then break it down.


Learn From Other People

There are many people out there who have mastered self improvement. Check out YouTube for some TedTalks and other people discussing what they did to turn their lives around. You might also like to find a mentor or coach, and start hanging around with people who have similar goals to you. If you spend the most time with people who also want to improve themselves, you’ll be more likely to want to improve yourself, too!


Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

If you’re going to improve yourself, you’re going to need to be willing to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Getting out of your comfort zone is the key. Hardly anything good happens in there, so make being uncomfortable your new comfort zone! Things change all the time, and everything is just temporary. Make peace with this.


Wake Up Each Day And Set An Intention

If you don’t set an intention, whether for a day or a single task, you’re likely just ‘playing it by ear’ and seeing how it goes. Studies have shown that people tend to get much better results when they actually set an intention for the day, and for a specific task. When you wake up in the morning, ask yourself: what do I want to accomplish today? What am I going to do to move closer to my goals? Who will I add value to? When completing a task, ask yourself: what do I want to get out of this task? How do I want to feel when i’ve completed it?


Setting intentions for everything in your life will nearly always get you better results.


Challenge Yourself

Again, this is all about stepping out of your comfort zone, but it’s an important note to make. Challenge yourself. Do a course or a class that scares you a little. Speak to a stranger. Help somebody in need.


Figure Out What Your Passion Is

Many people say that they don’t know what their passion is, and this is how they end up in a job they don’t like most of the time, feeling undervalued and overworked. Usually, this means one of two things:

  • They do know what their passion is, they are just afraid to admit it to themselves, perhaps because of a fear of failure.
  • They don’t know what their passion is because they are waiting for it to smack them in the face.

Self Improvement Game



Either stop lying to yourself, or start following the clues. What did you love to do when you were younger? What can you lose yourself for hours in? What are you good at? How can you help other people? What makes you truly happy? What do you get seriously passionate about? What would you do for free, or talk about all day and not get bored? In the answer to these questions is your passion. Follow any intuitive feelings you get to try new things and see how you feel if you’re sure you haven’t found your passion yet. Book an ice skating class. Get an online MBA. Start painting. Just do something!


Never Give Up

It sounds cliche, but you can’t give up if you want to give yourself the best chance of success. It might not happen in a month, or even a year, but if you keep working on yourself consistently, and it’s your intention to improve yourself and become the best person you can be, you’ll get there. Whether you want to land a high paying job or start a business of your own, you can do it.


Dreams don’t fail. People just give up. Remember that when you feel like quitting!


Life is far too short not to work on yourself and follow your dreams. Start today, not tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes. Do something small today and build up that momentum. Good luck!